First Day In Bangkok

So I popped a sleeping pill and headed on to the Plane. 12 and a half hours later I was at Suvarnabhumi Airport. I was greeted at immigration by Somchai and Noi sitting on there elevated chairs looking down on me. They didn’t ever bother to say hello or acknowledge my presence, after a while of pretending to use the computer one said “passport” in a low toned voice. They scrutinized every page, looked at me up and down 10 times, look at the passport again. Finally they decided too stamp my passport and thew it back on the table, like they had just done me some sort of favor. I figured id be the bigger man this time and let it slide. Great start to my first day in Bangkok.

I walk outside, and its about 650 degrees, I’m already sweating like a pedophile in a nursery at this point. I manage to get to the hostel, which looks better then the picture below.

This is just until I find a place of my own. Hopefully within a week or so. Currently the view from my street:

This is the view from the roof top:
Just were I had some lunch cost £1/$1.60

Anyway Im jet lagged and tired, so just going to get some sleep. Post more soon!


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