Introduction Part II

Hello Readers,

This is carrying on from my Part I introduction. Most of these questions have been asked by people who are reading/following my blog so ill answer them here. I didn’t expect to get this many views either, so thanks and keep reading. Also like to thank my friend Jamie for creating me a banner for my site,  please check his website out at

“Where did you get your money for this trip”? 

I worked a mundane office job for 15 months. Most days were spent trying to cultivate the minds of my colleagues with my flawed philosophy, instead of doing my job. They all thought I was crazy and an idiot, I can’t really dispute that.  I told them they took work way too seriously, and they told me something about adhering too company mission statements and procedures. I’m 24 years old, why the f*** would I care about such frivolous things? Told them I’m leaving my job in a few months and that was that.

I hope that they see that as a cow and not a dog or rat, or it could be a interesting lunch!

I will be using laundrette service, yes they have washing machines in Thailand!

“Do you think you will fall in love with a ladyboy?”

If I’m lucky, fingers crossed ay!

“Won’t you miss your family and friends?”

They say you can’t pick your family, and if I could, I would have picked a better one. Friends are also way overrated. Opps I think I just lost 100% of my blog audience. Sure they will be missed, but it’s not like I’m never coming back.

“Is this blog some sort of outlet for your ranting having been told by peers that the move is unwise?  

You pompously lambast people for being “un-cultured half-wits” before acknowledging that your main reasons for going to Thailand include the beaches and the women. Cultured, much?”
It’s called writing for effect, trying to keep the blog funny instead of being a boring format. When I said 99% of the reason for why I’m going is because of the women, that was obviously a joke, it’s actually 100% of the too why I’m going.

“Your blog post reeks of arrogance, misunderstanding and naivety.”
 I agree.
“I’m not sure if you are smart enough to understand, but they are not generally admirable or amiable traits in a person. What are you hoping to achieve with this blog? How many people are going to follow the adventures of someone so helplessly ignorant and vain? It seems to me as though you are incapable of understanding other people and you are simply running away from your despair. Good luck to you. You will need it when you return to the UK in 2 months time.”

It’s my life, my mistakes, if it doesn’t go well, I will learn from it. Its really no different from someone taking a gap year. I’m just being my self, and that’s all you can be in this life.

I am also not achieving anything with my blog, there is no goal, I just write because my friends told me to write a blog so they can keep up with my progress. I didn’t intend my blog to get this many hits, thought it would just be family and friends reading,  guess im doing something right.

2 months? I only gave me myself two days because I come crying back!

“You have some balls for doing this…”

What? I have what? What’s so hard about doing what I’m doing? Disregarding work and responsibility for a lifestyle of pleasure. It’s not called having balls, it’s called having common sense. I deserve no accolades.

You are the people who have balls, for doing what you do, day in day out. You know, the same 45 minute commute too work, sitting in the grey and cream coloured offices, or dust filled factories. Doing the same task over and over and over and over and over and over again. Then getting stressed about doing it, becoming fat, unhealthy and bold. Not having enough time to see family or friends due to work commitments, being in debt. Working 160+ hours a month, and having nothing in your bank to show for it, and for this…….we applaud you!

This is not the case for everyone, but from all the people I talk too it seems to be the same trend. I’ve had at least over 50+ emails and forums messages saying:

“I wish could do this, I hate my job”

So I shall be the guinea pig, even though what I’ doing is nothing new. When all this fails and I’m broke living on the streets, you can all sit safely at home in your arms chairs and be glad you wasn’t as stupid as me. But until then, enjoy work tomorrow! We are currently in week 27 of the year, only another 25 left…….till you repeat it all over again!

See you all on the other side!

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