khanomtom 62 Gym, Thai Boxing in Bangkok

So after my week in Chaing Mai modeling, work dried up a bit, however I still got to keep in shape for my next big break which I’m sure is just around the corner. I decided to visit Khanomtom 62 which is now located in soi Phark Khanong.

I’ve been doing Thai boxing on and off here for the last 3 months, and around 4 years back in England. I was told there is a new gym by were I live, so I figure id go check it out, burn some calories and just run a train on everyone. khanomtom 62  has two lessons, a morning and afternoon lesson, so I set my alarm for 6am.


I look at my phone, its still dark outside, and I just think oh f*** this,ill go to Khanomtom 62 afternoon lesson. A Pad Thai and several M150s later, I’m ready to do the afternoon lesson.

Pad Thai and a engery drink

khanomtom 62 is in the middle of nowhere, chickens and stray dogs lurk outside the entrance. I enter the gym, and Somchai the pad man is sitting on a stool in just a pair of shorts smoking, not saying a word, looking at me as if I’m lost. I give him the nod, he nods back and I sit down. There around 5-6 guys in the gym, giving me a polite smile and at the same time trying to suss me out. I think there just guessing how bad I am going to be, as I dont think they rate farang very highly.

The lesson starts and the main instructor said he will take me on the pads for a few rounds, then tells me to warm up. He hands me a skipping rope, don’t know what he expected me to do with it since I’ve not jumped rope since I was 6. He then asks if I wanted some hand wraps, I just told him I don’t use them, which translates into “I’ve been doing Thai boxing for 4 years, and I still don’t know how to use hand wraps”.

khanomtom 62 Gym
Badly taken Picture of the guys training @ khanomtom 62

Now I’m in the ring with the pad man, while the other thai fighters are warming up, I can feel there eyes burning at the back of my head. I was just glad that I’m totally awesome at Thai boxing, a total master, perfectionist, animal, beast etc etc, otherwise this would be really embarrassing. They told me after that this is a small gym and they don’t get many farang people coming here to train, as the gym does not have many big named fighters. Everybody was really welcoming and after each round a student would come and hand me a cold glass of water to drink, which helped me relax alot as I felt a bit like an outsider as its my first lesson.

After 5×5 minute rounds on the pads, i’m totally busted up, cant breath, drizzled in sweat, then he goes and tells me to hit the bag for another 5×5 rounds. I didn’t know if he was joking or not, I was ready to go to the hospital. He wasn’t laughing so I did as I was told. I then start to put a Muay Thai clinch on the bag, I land one of my venomous left roundhouse kicks on the bag, which felt like it was made of concentrate, and totally snapped all my shin up.

The head instructor asked me if I wanted to fight in Thailand? To which I replied:

“Do pigs like shit?”

But in all honestly I said no, I’m already making enough money in modelling to go full time, so I don’t need to get hit in the face in a actual Thai boxing bout. He then tells me that we are doing some clinch work (grappling) and to go and take a shower. I walk into the bathroom and see this…..

A barrel and a bucket (where the **** the shower?)

So I get in the ring with a few Thai guys, most of them are around 16-19 years old, I’d guess they all weigh less then 60kg and around 5’7 or less in height. After they teared me several new a***holes, and kicked the ever loving shit out of me, it was end of the lesson. I wake up the next morning, with muscles I didn’t even know existing in pain. As always I left with that feeling that I’m glad I came instead of skipping in. I’m hoping I walked out with a lot more respect then when I walked in with as I think I held my own, although it was obvious they were taking it easy on me!!!

Anyway its been 3 months now since Ive been here, and I have to leave the country soon an re-enter on a second visa, so the next time you will here from me I will be in a different country.

Price per session @ khanomtom 62  is 450 baht as of 2013.



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