9 hours In Pattaya

Hello!I spent most of last month just staying indoors working online during the night and playing alot of football, tennis and swimming during the day. It was my lowest spending month of 27,000 baht. My friends suggested to me too visit Pattaya for the night, Pattaya is being the sex capital of Thailand. They said we was to catch the bus at 5pm and stay out all night until 6am and catch the bus back to Bangkok without booking a hotel, such a horrible idea which only a moron would go through with.

Ekkamai Bus Terminal

So we waiting for the bus to Pattaya which takes around 2.5hours and costs only 120bhat. Me and my friend were talking too each other on the bus, and the women who checks the tickets, told us were not allowed to talk. I wanted to tell her who the **** does she think she is as were was not talking loud and paid for our ticket. But this it Thailand and I didn’t feel like getting thrown off the bus and being stuck in the middle of nowhere, so I smiled, said sorry it wont happen again, then died a little inside.

Fire works for Loy Krathong

We was welcomed to Pattaya with a firework show, I was not sure if it was because of the Thai holiday of Loy Krathong, or because they knew the author of “A farang abroad” was coming into town, id guess a combination of the both. I’m not really into the whole sex scene in Thailand as its too expensive along with other issues that dont agree with, but I still find it very fascinating to check it out.

Walking Street, Pattaya

This is the famous walking street in Pattaya, for me it was horrible but yet fun at the same time. So many naive tourists about, old fat men wearing shirts with all the buttons undone, everyone wearing singlets vests and shorts.Lady boys on the street corners waiting for a customers making eye contact with anyone who walks past them, too bad for them I left my debit card at home.

Girl agreeing to have a photo taken

Me and my friends go to what they call a “beer bar”, which as the name suggests sells beer. But they also have girls working there who will talk too you and get you to buy some drinks for them, they take a commission. Some of these girls dont speak much English, so they sometimes plays games of Jenga or Connect 4, they also use it as a communication tool as the subjects and common interests are so far beyond between farang and waitress.

Girl using her magic to try and get my friend too buy her a lady drink

Once happy hour of 60baht for a beer was over, even the stimulating conversation of politics and the EU crisis I was having with a girl was not enough to keep me inside. Next place to visit was a “go go bar”, this is where you can pay to take a dancer off the stage and to spend the night with you. After buying a overpriced drink, we sit down and watch various shows they have lined up.

I think these girls are experienced enough to know who the big spenders are and who is not interested, as I was the hottest guy in the place and didn’t have any girls even attempt to sweet talk me. Which was totally fine by me, although my ego was slightly hurt. I think in hindsight I had too many shirt buttons done up and wasent fat enough.

Pictures cannot be taken in go go bars and they usually end up breaking your camera if you try. You could buy ping pong balls in this particular club for 20bhat each, you throw them on the stage and who catches or picks it up off the floors earns the 20bhat. It was weird to watch men buy 20-50 balls in a bucket and just throw them all at once, then all the girls jumping too there knees to pick up as many as they could. Made me feel a bit sad but also lucky about the cards I was dealt in life.

Trying to haggle for a cheaper price

After that we decided to visit a club before heading back home, I would not say every girl but many who who inside were “working” and looking for a customer. Around 5am, we decide to call it a night, or morning rather and get a 2hour taxi home for 1600baht between the three of us.

What I posted is not a true reflection of Pattaya, I just went to one part in particular, just happened to be the most touristy spot, would I visit Pattaya again? sure, but would I come to walking street and the adjacent streets? Probably so, but would not spend a huge amount of time in this area. I will spend a weekend there next time I visit and check out some of the beaches and soundings towns, I spent enough time traveling to know that the tourists spots of any city are by far the worst places to see.


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