Lumphini Park

Hey, I was at Lumphini Park Today and these were just some pictures I took.
A Sign to Enter Lumphini Park
Guy Working out on the free machines
Girls fall off her bike crying, I started to laugh and take a picture (yes I know im going to hell)
Grass Shot of the Park
Free Outdoor gym
Lake overseeing High Risers
Ladies Doing Yoga
Clock Tower
Boat riding (40baht)

The park is easy to find, you leave exit 3 of the MRT Lumphini and its more or less straight ahead of you after crossing the main road. They have people out there renting mats for you to lie on, not enough people selling water so maybe bring your own from a 7/11, its guarded by alot of police so its perfectly safe.

I had a look at the outdoor gym which had everything you could ask for free weights wise, these were some of the biggest Thai guys ive seen around, no doubt some of there were taking more juice then a blender, but who cares. I went about taking picture a bit worryingly as they were topless and thought they would mind, but they just smiled and carried on lifting. I think the Gym is free or maybe there is a fee of 20baht to farangs, it was my rest day so I didn’t want to show them up by taking off my top and lifting more then all of them combined.

They give fish food and bread to feed the birds and fish too if you want, its around 20baht for a bag of food, if your lucky you will see some overly large size lizards running about, I only managed to see a few in the water but the shots were not great so decided to leave them out.

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