My Monthly budget in Bangkok

Every month that I live in Bangkok, I  note down every baht spent, and with my gathered information I will try and give a breakdown of the cost of living in Bangkok. Unlike your average Bangkok expat, my needs are fewer and as a result I manage to spend a lot less, so this is the lower end of the scale of the cost of living in Bangkok.

The Cost of living in Bangkok for April 2013

the cost of living in Bangkok

Above is a spreadsheet created for the month of April, and I noted every single baht I spent while in Bangkok. “Songkran” was the Thai new year, so a bit more money was spent than usual.

My Budget for each month is to spend under $1000, which works out to around 893 baht a day but may vary depending on today exchange rate . My rent is fixed at 10,000 baht per month + bills.

Food spending comes to 7,600 baht a month, I usually eat out once a day at a street food restaurant, usually in soi 38, then eat food at home or snacks from the 7/11. I will also from time to time visit a new medium to high priced restaurant about once or twice a week, depending on how lazy I am feeling.

The amount I spend on actual travel in Bangkok is very little, I have my own bicycle so I ride most of the time, my gym and tennis courts are less than a 8 minute ride. My alcohol consumption is quite low compared to other people I know, I have friends who can easily spend in the excess of 15,000 baht a  month no problems.

If you read my previous posts you can see what kind of lifestyle I am living on for around $1000 a month, and I have also listed a break down of prices for everyday items in Bangkok.

My goal is any country is to spend no more than $1000, and in Thailand, this is defiantly achievable. Even though the cost of living in Bangkok has risen greatly over the last few years, it may not be as cheap as it once was. But if you budget right and use your head, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time.

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