Dr Blowjob Bar (Dr BJ)

For a blog about traveling around Thailand I sure do get a lot of Google redirects to my site from people searching about the Dr BJ bar in Bangkok. So I figure I must give the readers what they want? This type of bar is not the place you would find the girl of you dreams, for that perhaps read my post on how to get a Thai girl friend.

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Trip report of Dr Blowjob bar (Dr BJs)

Anyway back on topic, me and my friends always joke about the Dr Bj bar, often referred to as “the Drs”, and that one needs to go and check a “check up” to ensure they have not caught anything while living in the land of smiles. We kept joking about this till it reached breaking point, and we decided that a game of tennis should decide who goes and gets a check up at Dr Bjs, the winner being able to pick the “consultant” of choice for the loser.

Having more swagger than lil Wayne, I managed to beat my friend like an egg. He was left picking his balls off the court and heading to the infamous Dr BJ bar AKA the “drs”.

Dr BJ bar

Upon walking in the lovely mamasan greets me and my friend, telling us the prices and how it works. Around 12 girls from the Isan area rush into the room and take a seat. The selection well…. was something to be desired of.My friend face went bright red and his hands began to shake, don’t forget, it was me who picked the girl. (*Dr evil laugh*)

The viewing area is always empty until a customer walks in, then the girls line up against a wall and you can pick who you want to ‘service’ you. Don’t feel rushed, you can take your time and even order a beer first if you want. I would say around 10-20% of the girls are fairly good looking, the rest well, no thanks Jeff!

All the girls have number badges on there clothes and I whisper to my friends ear the two ugliest girls in the line up, and his heart stops. He offers to give me 1,000 baht If I don’t pick either of them, which obviously meant I was only going to pick one of them. I ended up going for number 38 who hmm,maybe you can go and see her for your self.

As he went to get his check up, I took a seat in the Dr BJ bar, and ordered a coke while I watched other people come in and pick. 10 minutes later my friend comes back down with a look of resign on his face, “I hope he check up went well and he got the all clear” I said to him. I tried to talk to him when we left, but he was dazed and could not speak. I managed to take a picture of his consultant though.

Even too this day I ask him what went on in the BJ Bar, but he never tells a word…..

Prices for the DR BJ bar

Prices are as follows:

Nurse – 700bahtConsultant: -1,000baht (they look better)

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5 thoughts on “Dr Blowjob Bar (Dr BJ)

  1. jspill
    12 August, 2013 at 7:37 am

    you’re a cheeky kunt mate i swear

  2. Luke
    20 January, 2014 at 2:44 am

    Sounds like a laugh. Saw “Whore’s Glory”, is it like that?

    1. Harvie
      20 January, 2014 at 4:10 am

      I don’t think i’m aware of Whores glorly?

  3. Mister
    6 May, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    I just left there May 7, 2016 about 11pm and I can not believe how horrible it was. The girl grabbed me as I was walking up and ushered me in to pay. On our way up the stairs to the room she seemed extremely annoyed. I asked if she was ok she responded with a stare and pointed me to the room. I should have asked for a different girl.
    The girl was horrible at her job and it was at times painful, WTF!? Several times she would actually stop, look up at me like “I can’t believe your making me do this”. This happened SEVERAL times. Made me feel like shit. Then she said to me 5 more minutes and I stop. There is a sign clearly saying you have 30-40 minutes before additional charge. After the 4th or 5th time stopping and looking at me I just told her to stop and I left. Fucking horrible. On the way out a girl in front said please come again. I should have let her know how disappointed I was but was so angry I just wanted to leave.
    I recommend going to Kasalong’s nearby where the girls are MUCH better. DO NOT GO TO SOM’S HAVEN!!!

    1. Mister
      7 May, 2016 at 9:31 am

      This was actually May 6, 2016 and I left about 11pm or so? The girl was about 5’5″ with shoes and thin. Kind of wide mouth and longer dark hair with the usual light brown coloring mixed in some. She looked to be in her 20s.

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