Farm jobs I did on my WHV

If you plan to come to Australia and want a second working holiday visa (WHV) you will have to do 88 days of work in a regional area. I’m not going to bother telling you what qualifies as regional work, thats what Google is for, but I will mention some jobs you should expect to do during those days.

Shoveling shit

If you are unlucky, and I mean real unlucky you will be working in a horse or dairy farm where one of your jobs will be to shovel shit. It’s not the best job to do, but you will be getting paid anywhere from $20ph+ and for that kind of money ill shove shit with my bear hands.

Picking fruit

This job can be good and it can be bad, it just depends on what type of fruit you are picking and if you’re getting paid by the hour or contracted. Hourly rates are best usually as you know you are getting paid a fair wage, contracted generally sucks monkey balls unless you are super fast. For picking onions contracted rates are nice as you can make $200 per day if the onions are good. Tomatoes are contracted but they tend to suck, your hourly would be like $8-12 usually for them.

Contracted just means piece rate, you get paid by how much you pick.

Shed work

Shed work is by far the best jobs, you are in a shed away from the sun, you are either packing or washing fruit. The only time I break a sweat in the shed is when I am giving Asian girls my rape stare. It’s usually girls who get the shed jobs and guys who get the harder picking jobs. Paid hourly.



Wedding is pretty much self explanatory, you go around the paddock pulling out weeds, your outside but its easy, you don’t have to go fast because the job needs a bit of care not to pull out the crops. I usually download a few episodes of the Joe Rogan experience podcast and get pulling away. Easy job, paid hourly.


Another easy job, you just go and plant the crops. For some crops like sweet potato you need to manually plant the seed which one again is not hard, while crops like lettuce you sit along side the tractor and you place the seeds into this small machine. Paid hourly.

Driving a tractor

Well you just drive a tractor and get paid.

Stacking pallets

Stacking pallets is almost always done by a male, usually in the shed or out in the paddock. You just grab boxes of fruit and veg and stack them. Quite an easy job although if its busy you will be in for quite a workout.

These are your bog standard jobs when you come to Australia on your WHV, if you work for a cotton or wheat plantation you may have a few extra roles using machinery and what not, but those types of jobs are getting way harder to to get these days. Most of the jobs are quite easy, don’t listen to what you hear from word or mouth or the Internet (ironic), most backpackers are lazy kunts who don’t want to work, a couple of the jobs are hard but not to the level that its “impossible”.


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