What I learned from my WHV in Australia

So its been around 7 or 8 months since I first came to Australia, and its time to move on to Asia. I will be going to Indonesia first, then Thailand with a brief stint in Cambodia to play the APT poker tour. Anyway here’s a few things I learned from my time in Australia.

Australia’s Okay

Its not great, its not bad, just okay. The beaches are nice and the food is mediocre, girls are fat and everything is expensive. I would put it ahead of England, but the system is built up like the matrix, too many procedures and things in the way to get anything done. Good place for a holiday or to earn extra cash as the minimum wage is $17/hr, but to live here, no thanks Jeff

Way too many rednecks/ Bogans in Australia

I didn’t know that Australia has so many rednecks or bogans just like Murica. It’s hard to understand them as they talk like retards, most of them are pretty friendly and nice, a bit basic though a very low IQ.

French travelers are the worst

I don’t like them, its as simple as that, most of them are arrogant arseholes. I had one kunt try and smoke in my car without asking, I told him to put it out before I knock him the fuck out. There always speaking in French too, that annoys me. The way they speak English in their French accent annoys me. French people from South of France are more tolerable though.

I’m glad I dont live in England

No matter where I go, when I leave I’m always glad I came and things could be worse like me being in England. Ever since I quit my office job and decided to travel the world, life’s been great, every day is good, I don’t have anyone telling me shit, or what I should be doing. I do what I want, when I want.


I’m learned a bunch of other boring shit too, like how farming and agriculture works along with other stuff that I can’t be bothered to talk about as I want to watch Game of Thrones season 4. My next blog post will be from Bali.

See ya soon



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