Route 66 in RCA

So I come back to Bangkok about 10 days ago and figured it only right to check out the Route 66 nightclub in Bangkok, my favorite nightclub in Thailand, and a great place to meet Thai girls. Entry for Thai people is free, while westerns pay a 300 baht entry fee that can be used to buy alcohol or put towards a bottle of vodka or whiskey. If you’re going in a group you can all pool your tickets together and grab a bottle of vodka for around 1,500 baht without mixers or ice.

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Meet Thai girls

RCA is known as a place where Thai people go to hang out, as of late more western people are turning up, but even so the area is at least 95% Thai, with the other 5% being Bangkok expats and tourists. The type of girls that visit RCA are your everyday 9-5pm working girl, you won’t get your hi so Thai people coming here, but still a lot of hot Thai girls.

Inside Route 66 in RCA

The night started out by getting my ID checked, I’m pretty sure the Route 66 security guards have no idea what to look for but just check it for the sake of it and let me in. There’s been times where my friend has forgotten his ID and he’s used mine to get in, they don’t really care. After getting the ID check I get the most uncaring frisk search ever, the security guard taps my big ole belly, doesn’t both to check my pockets or legs and lets me in. No way would he pass for a TSA agent. I think I got their around 10:45pm, which meant all the tables inside were taken (they usually get snapped up around 9pm), which was fine, it’s way to loud inside Route 66 to hold a conversation anyway.

inside Route 66 night club

We get an outdoor table (standing) near the entrance where the main DJ is playing and order some vodka and mixers , it came to around 2,100 baht which was fine as there was 7 of us. In total we got 3 bottles of vodka over the course of the night and were all pretty wasted by midnight. The club is broken down into two segments, the left plays crappy Thai style music, while the right plays generic hip hop music. Almost every time I go to Route 66 it feels like they are playing the same songs as the last time I went there. Weekends are the perfect time to visit Route 66, its packed to the girls, full of girls just wanting to get drunk and have fun, if you prefer smaller crowds, Mon-Fri is best, but dont bother turning up before midnight.
I got quite drunk around midnight so I don’t exactly remember what happened, but I guess I just got rejected by several girls, a few ladyboys, and god knows who else as I ended up in Soi 23 looking for a hand job massage place around 4 am. All in all Route 66 in RCA is a great place to come, drink, and have a good time. If you’re looking to find yourself a Thai girlfriend it’s one of the better options in Bangkok, if you’re looking for a one night stand if you play your cards right in Route 66 you could get lucky.

Outside Route 66

Outside Route 66 you have plenty of shifty taxi drivers wanting to take you to Insomnia, or some other shady club where they get a nice kick back. There’s a 7/11 directly outside and a bunch of street food stalls selling some very tasty fried chicken. If you didn’t eat before coming to Route 66, there’s plenty of option in RCA to go grab some munch.

RCA chicken

Route 66 is great for anyone, the usual crowd is 21-29 year olds, but if you’re 40-45, nobody is going to look at you funny or think your a weird kunt, people just come to RCA and clubs like Route 66 to have a good time and get drunk. I also have other information on my blog about the Bangkok nightlife, and how to find a Thai girlfriend in Bangkok clubs if you’re interested in reading.

Want to get laid in Bangkok for free, then read this article.

Meet Thai girls

6 thoughts on “Route 66 in RCA

  1. Kangaroo
    29 June, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    Route 66 is the best, great venue, great music, cheap drinks, cute girls, open every day. Can’t wait to go back!

  2. asd
    1 July, 2014 at 11:12 am

    yeah the playlist is 90% the same

    1. 1 July, 2014 at 11:44 am

      Went the other week, seemed to be the same as always. Not sure why they even have a DJ spinning the desks in the main room, must just be for show lol.

  3. hugh loh
    11 April, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    i want share my experience and give a challenge. i always hang around RCA 66 and Scratch Dog.
    I flirt this interesting group Mistress thai girl. They always hang around RCA 66 and Scratch Dog with open bottle and hunting for guys since have old husband.
    Group member is Fa Chan, Yinn, Praw & June.
    Fa Chan is Mistress of Yasuo Torato, small breast with push up bra, have one america mixed son. Her old sister take care the son when she out to play. Pity and stupid Sister.
    Yinn – Mistress of Sarut, super fair japanese look with big boob.
    Praw – Freelancer Model, Thai Boy friend, tall with great body.
    My 1st pick up is with Fa Chan, she anyone also can do.Have countless boyfriend from other countries. Enjoy the 1st night with Fa. Small breast with Birth Operation scar on abdomen. She have honda city car where we drive vacation more places for few days and nights.The Son Bell is cute.
    Yinn more tough lady, spend some effort only manage to get her. I must said very enjoy when she on top of me with her big boob, really enjoy it.
    Praw is very hard to tackle but i accomplish the task. She is most perfect girl with the sexiest body. She young compare with Fa (30), Yin (32)
    Hope you guys bump into this group ladies and start the challenge.5555555

    1. 11 April, 2015 at 11:29 pm


    2. Marcus
      26 May, 2015 at 6:48 pm

      From a nightclub review to a guide to 3 birds you’ve banged out of there. Superb.

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