BHTL Expat – Why Older Expats Hate the Young Guns

Ever since Thailand started to enforce its visa rules and stop people from working here illegally, a certain group of Thailand expats seem to be getting their knickers in a twist. I didn’t know this group existed until I visited a certain Thailand forum that discuses visas, news and other bits about Thailand which I won’t bother mentioning. (Without visiting the website in question before hand, this blog post may not make too much sense). There were hundreds upon hundreds of posts about they really hoping that the expats on tourist or education visas get kicked they, to the point where they were glad guys were being separated with their GF and what not. This type of expat is what I call the been here too long expat (BHTL).

There’s seems to be an alarming amount of BHTL expats who are really ANGRY and HATE the younger expats living in Thailand.

What the BHTL expats say: They think that the younger expats work here illegally, and that they should follow the letter of the law or get out (most don’t work here illegally). They also claim that they abuse Thai Education visas to stay here longer. Some of the BHTL expats said that they would be reporting fellow expats to the authorities if they found out they didn’t study or were doing something illegal. Uw0tm8?

First of all, I am sure a small % of young expats work here illegally, which I don’t condone, “that’s very bad, don’t do it” (stern voice). But then there’s also a % of BHTL expats who wrongfully file for a retirement visa or work here illegally too. Nether the less, that statement is completely ridiculous as it sounds like “us Vs them”. When in fact the younger expats couldn’t give a single fuck about the BHTL expat. We all hope you have an amazing time in Thailand and wish you all the best. We are only here today in numbers because you guys were the pioneers and opened the doors for us.

Anyway, back on topic. So the BHTL expats want us out because we ‘abuse’ various Thai visas. I don’t believe that, because it makes no logical sense to be so angry and hateful towards us. A young expat on a Thai tourist visa or a education visa will make 0% difference to the life of a BHTL expat, or any other expat for that matter.

So why do the BHTL expats dislike younger expats?

We have options: Let’s take me for instance. I don’t work in Thailand because the wage is too low, and I could easily go back to Australia or the U.K tomorrow and get a job that pays 150% higher salary. I could easily become a teacher in Thailand, invest in a business, move to Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, U.K or several other countries and either teach English or get a job in the field of my degree. I am 26, charming, and have more muscles than a seafood platter, I could walk into most board rooms and they would just throw money and job titles at me. It would not be hard for me to get a job anywhere. The same goes for many other younger expats, our options are endless.

The BHTL expat doesn’t have options. Most have been here so long that they cannot get a job back home, lack degrees to work in other parts of the world, and have become isolated from their home land. Thailand is all they have, and they want to protect it anyway they can. Maybe they feel bitter that the younger expat has so many options and can do whatever they like, while they are stick on mediocre salaries and little to no savings.

Young guys have money: Okay this is not me, although I have enough money not to be able to work in Thailand for quite a while. I will still need to go back at some point and make some cash money, I mean Nok’s short time rates aint gonna pay for themselves by me doing nothing all day. Many young guys have online businesses that rake in thousands of dollars per month. They spend 20-30 minutes a day online and collect their checks like a boss. Some have already made their fortunes in their mid 20s and no longer have to work, sick kunts I call them.

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Others freelance (digital nomads) and work as writers, programmers, and coders. The BHTL expats become annoyed at this group too, claiming they are on the wrong visa and that “Thailand doesn’t want them”. Are they jealous because these groups of people are making money from working at home? While they have to slog it out in the classrooms day after day for a lower salary? Another option that was not available to them when they came to Thailand.

Younger expats get the girls: Thai girls tend to like younger guys, just as guys prefer younger women to older ones (excluding MILFs obv), that’s just how our DNA is coded. The BHTL expats are getting angry that the younger expat fly’s into Thailand, come in and sweeps girls much more easily, leaving them with less options? Let’s us remember that at this point the BHTL expat has been in Thailand so long that they cannot function normally in a social environment, meaning that not even a Thai girl would want to here their shit, thus they resort to various forums.

They have big egos: You know the whole ego thing with your friends about “oh I did that 10 years ago”, or when you meet someone traveling who thinks they know everything about a country or place, and just correct you and argue with you until you submit that what they know is best and you’re just a piece of shit? Maybe that’s it. They don’t like it that the younger expats are having all the fun, while they are stuck in Thailand bitter, sad, and no where to turn?

We are not making the same mistakes: The tinterwebz is a hell of a thing, several blogs tell us of stories that the BHTL expat has made in the past, such as starting bars or marrying Noi and losing all their money. When the younger expat has not got his penis inside Apple, Pear or whatever delicious fruit girls are calling themselves these days, he’s inserting it into his laptop and learning all the past mistakes made by others and not falling for the same tricks. Are they angry at this?

For the record, the BHTL expat isn’t always an “older guy”, it’s just someone who has been here too long and hates their own life and everyone else who is having fun. I have met plenty of older men in Thailand (#nohomo) who have been very friendly and nice. There’s just a small group that seem to be growing by the day, getting bitter, sad, and angry at younger guys.

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