Levels Nightclub Review

2012 Was the last time I visited Levels nightclub and back then it was pretty dead. Now it dubs itself as the ‘Number 1 nightclub in Sukhumvit’

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Meet Thai girlsMy friends were in town a few weeks ago and one of them said he read on various sites such as Siam 2 Night and Asia City it’s a great club. People should not really be visiting these sites as they spit out generic crap about clubs and fail to paint the true picture, but don’t worry I am here to help.

What I enjoyed about Levels

Don’t worry, this part won’t be too long. Me and my buddies went on a Friday night and entry was free. Usually clubs will charge anything from around 250 baht upwards to allow farang entry. The second thing I enjoyed was the layout, there’s two areas to Levels, there’s an outside area where you can smoke and look at the view (Levels is a rooftop club), and an indoor area where the main music will be playing.

Music was modern hip/hop which once again was great, but the live band sucked ( as do with all clubs in Bangkok).

What I disliked about Levels

Several things, including:

Drink prices – The cheapest drink on the menu was a Singha beer for 250 baht. Bear in mind they cost less than 40 baht in the 7/11 across the road, they are charging 250 baht for a beer! Cocktails and spirits started from around 300 baht upwards.


I understand it’s free entry to get in, but I’d rather they charge you 200 baht to get in and the ticket can be used to buy drinks. With prices so high, they eliminate regular Thai girls coming to these sorts of venues.

People – This is more of a personal preference thing, but I hate wankers and Levels was full of them (when I went). You had so many pretentious looking expats and one women come up to me out of nowhere and asked:

“Why are you here, it’s full of hookers?”

What the f*** its to you is what I should of said, but I am a cutie in real life so I told her my friends wanted to come here and if you could politely get the f*** out my face. (Last part may or may not have happened). No idea what her problem was, perhaps she wasn’t getting enough attention in there?

Hookers – I got no problem going to a place that has a lot of working girls, I can spot them pretty easily and just avoid them for the most part. But even the hookers here were pretentious if that is even possible? You got your straight out working girls ( I saw a women drinking at the bar with her mamasan next to her), then you got your ‘gold digger’ types who are looking for someone rich to pay for their drinks and who knows what else. And finally you have a mixture of Asian tourists and a few regular Thai girls who are just here to have a good time.

As I would scout the room as I had a friend who said he was there somewhere I would these weird looks from girls Not because I’m ugly (I am about a 9/10) but most likely we didn’t have a bottle on our table so we didn’t look appealing to them.

I was talking to my friend and he told me the last time he went there he opened a bottle (2,900+) and got harassed by the waitstaff for a tip. He said the waitress demanded for a tip with a stern face and when he told her to go away, she just stood there for several minutes before it got too awkward and ended up giving her 200 baht.

That’s my no bullshit review of Levels nightclub in Bangkok, I hope to visit again another time and hopefully it will be a better experience. They seriously need to rearrange their drink and bottle prices as they are ridiculously high compared to Route 66 or Funky Villa, both places which has a extremely low percentage of working girls (5%<) and in my experience are much better places. Overall I had a fun time but even my friends who were here on holiday felt there was something off about that place. You may even find your next Thai girlfriend there.

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Meet Thai girlsHave you been to Levels recently? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Levels Nightclub Review

  1. Wilco
    9 November, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    You only said pretentious twice. A Levels review warrants more than that.

    1. 10 November, 2014 at 4:30 am

      Haha, glad I am not the only one thinking this.

  2. Scandibro
    11 December, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Yep, you hit the nail here. Levels is fail on several levels. Mostly because it’s flooded with Suk 11 tourists who think they landed on Ibiza and bring their douchebag game with them. And because hookers playing hard to get is probably the worst thing ever.

    Best bet in Levels is to hook up with girls from Singapore or elsewhere from Asia.

  3. Know To Much
    22 December, 2014 at 11:45 am

    In some place the girls are tied in with the clubs, i.e. allowed to be there working freelance on the basis if they can encourage beer sales, this is all done covertly and sometimes they are also provided a commission on bar sales or undercover work with the crew of bar people in that specific club to increase there profit margins bit like a CO-OP sometimes they are all related i.e.. the girls boyfriend brother cousin etc don’t expect the correct change.

    1. 22 December, 2014 at 4:19 pm

      Yeah, Insanity is one of them. Girls actually get drinks there for a much cheaper price too than the actual menu.

  4. J
    2 January, 2016 at 9:05 am

    Here is a tip for levels. Many nights they run some drink promotion where its 100baht for a mixer. From memory it was weekdays, weekends you are stiffed with 250bht drinks. My first night there and it wasn’t long before the very first girl I met was followed by the following words from her, 1. buy me a drink 2. where is your hotel? 3. 3000bht

  5. African tourist from Europe
    9 April, 2016 at 10:42 pm

    This is the most ridiculously racist club I’ve ever been, and trust me I’ve been to many in this world. Unfortunately I had a fall like a 50 meters before the club, I was wearing my high heels so I had to change to my sandals which had a closure at the back. When me and my friends reached the club the specifically refused to let us in just because I was wearing the sandals, they said I had to wear high heels, I explained to them I just feel few minutes ago and my knee was blending and I showed it to them, they didn’t care. To my surprise so many Asians and Europeans were entering the club with flip flops, and me with my closed back sandals was not allowed…Very sad in this day add age in such a big city like Bangkok people are still acting so backward and openly racist…it’s totally off putting…or maybe they didn’t like my attitude they expected me to beg and kiss their as***…well the slavery days are over and I wud definitely not do that just for the sake of entering a club…thumbs down for Levels club as far as I’m concerned and would never recommend it to anyone

    1. Jack
      13 May, 2017 at 1:22 pm

      What race are your sandals?

  6. puk89
    20 May, 2016 at 7:31 am

    This club is really hit or miss at times, especially when it comes to service. The times I have gone there and ordered a bottle with a group of friends of about 3-4, we get great service and we get treated very well. The staff are not so picky, even a 20 baht tip will keep them happy and keep the serving you with a smile. The times I have gone there with just a girl or another friend, and we are not in the mood to be drinking hard. And only a drink or two the vibe is different and you do not feel welcome, because they look at you like your just getting in the way. I’ve been here several times over the years. Most of the time none of the staff will remember you because the turn over rate for the staff seems pretty high. I have noticed when its the high season and on a friday or saturday, the club is not really fun at all. They certainly let everyone is, it turns into chaos in there. Its pretty much shoulder to shoulder in there, and all your doing is avoiding getting drinks spilled on you constantly as your bumping with people the whole time.

  7. Johnny
    24 January, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    “Not because I’m ugly (I am about a 9/10)”

    >Can’t get any play by hookers


    You’re mongering… You’re not a 9. Know some 9’s and they get pussy thrown in their face everywhere. Reality check homie. Lay off that ego trip cause you’re in SE Asia, its like shooting fish in a barrel here, but doesn’t mean you’re God’s gift because its like that for everyone else here thats young, decently looking and have some sort of game. If you were a 9, you would be drowning in pussy in the states/aus/eu or where ever youre from and didnt have to leave your country to slay here.

    1. 25 January, 2017 at 3:01 am

      Hi Johnny,

      It’s called satire, you need to lighten up fella ;).

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