Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers

Hello class, today we will be discussing Thai hookers.

My reader audience is split into three camps, those who come to Thailand and look for normal Thai girls (players), those who come for Thai hookers only (mongers), and the final group are people I call wise men. This graphic should give you a better idea of what I mean.

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Thai hookers

Which category do you fit into? Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

I’m a 9.5/10 (think Brad Pitt or George Clooney) so I don’t need to pay for Thai hookers as girls are literally throwing themselves in front of my feet.

I mean which Thai girl wouldn’t want a guy who runs his own website and can’t spell?

Meet Thai girls

But anyway, back to Thai hookers. Let the lesson begin.

The spectrum of Thai hookers

There are two types of Thai hookers, they are:

Fun Thai hookers – These are girls that are fun to be around, they are here to have a good time, offer the Bangkok girlfriend experience (GFE) and are generally sincere and kind.

Not so fun Thai hookers – This type of girl is one that acts all nice and friendly in the go go bar being super friendly and flirting. Then you bar fine here and things go south. She turns from being a fun and friendly girl to a cold hearted beach who is trying to do as little as she has to do while maximizing her bottom line, even if that means scamming you.

Who can blame her? Why would any girl want to fuck you?

Irrespective of that, this type of experience does leave a bitter taste in your mouth and you start to question whether Thai hookers are the way to go or if you’re better off using Thai dating sites?

How to avoid the not so fun Thai hookers

The problem I see a lot of newbie guys who come to Thailand is they don’t research or understand the ‘game’. They get really drunk and end up in a club like Insanity and only have one thing on their mind – pussy.

They go up to girls without building up a rapport, whisk them back to their hotel and end up getting a pretty bad experience.

Don’t be that guy.

The same applies for first time newbies who visit go go bars. They see a girl who is hot, buy her drinks, grab her up and end up bar fining them without building up any kind of relationship.

Okay, a Thai hooker is not going to become your girlfriend (most likely) but as you will be sharing intimate moments together – Thai hookers or not you need to build up a relationship.


There’s a good chance there will be some sort of language barrier between you and the girl but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a chat m8.

Ask her where she is from, what she enjoys, where she likes to eat and if you’re a weird kunt who likes to do freaky shit in the sack, you should ask her if she will perform them before being disappointed later.

Measure the vibes

When you’re thinking about taking a Thai hooker back – measure the atmosphere between you and her. Does it feel awkward or weird or are you two just hanging out like mates?

For example, if she is dancing with you and being flirty and fun that’s usually a good sign. If she is asking you to buy her drinks or convincing you to go to another bar or keeps asking if you will take her home, that is usually a sign that things won’t be that great.

You will be better off aborting and finding something else.

What is the venue like?

I generally find Thai hookers from the likes of Climax and Spicy to be more fun and outgoing than hookers from Mixx or Levels. Girls from the latter tend to be a bit more snobby if that makes sense, both Mixx and Levels promote themselves as ‘higher-end’ bars.

I am also aware that some Thai hookers will only visit specific nightclubs. Some will happily go to Climax every night but never Insanity or vice versa, not sure what the deal is with that but don’t be shocked to see the same girls in their night after night.

Don’t worry though, Bangkok is a big place and there is plenty of options.

Price of Thai hookers

I have already discussed the cost of sex in Thailand so I won’t get too deep into pricing but they tend to start from 1,000 baht upwards for freelancers. Any Thai hookers you meet in clubs can be bargained with so don’t accept their first offer if you feel it’s too much.

Unsure if she’s a Thai hooker or regular girl?

You may go to one of the hooker clubs in Bangkok and take a girl back who doesn’t ask you for money at that moment. My friend pulled two girls in two nights from Climax and Spicy and thought he was cooler than a Velcro fanny pack… until they didn’t leave his room in the morning.

He called me and asked why they weren’t leaving? I asked him if he has paid yet?


This is because not all Thai hookers will tell you that you have to pay for them. They assume you know because you’re in a club which is full of hookers. If a girl is not leaving your condo or hotel even after giving her hints to leave, try this – put a 1,000 baht note on the dresser and take a shower.

If she was indeed a hooker she will take the money and be on her way. If not, high five.


How’s my aim? I’m sure you guys have your own experiences and opinions on Thai hookers, I’d love to hear them.

This section was added on the April 10th, 2017.

Different version of Thai prostitutes

1. Thai street freelancers

As the name suggest can be found on the street, usually in Sukhumvit. The price usually starts from 500 baht all the way up to 5,000. Thai street freelancers are generally the cheapest option to finding Thai hookers.

thai street freelancer

Prices are not set in stone, so if you’re nice and be very friendly, the girl may even come back with you for free. The quality of street girls in Thailand is something usually to be desired. The hottest working Thai girls get picked early and the leftovers are well, left on the street.

2. Massage working girls

To know more about Thai massages, check any of the following articles:

Soapy massages in Bangkok

Nuru massages in Bangkok

Happy massages in Bangkok

There are hundreds of massages in Bangkok that offer sexual services. The quality of girls varies to super hot to 40-year-olds who resemble your mother. Massage girls in Thailand cost more as you also need to factor in the cost of a room.

For the ‘full service’, expect to pay anything from 1,000 to 3,000. The more well known the place the more it usually costs. Sukhumvit Soi 11 is a cheap place to get FS for as little as 1,000 baht, but the girls and room are pretty poor.

3. Thai Dating sites

Most Thai dating sites like Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid (Cupid is better) have normal everyday Thai women, but they do have a few Thai hookers. They will be easy to spot and have stuff like “I’m not a free girl” in their profile summary to give you an idea.

Some are regular university girls who just need to pay the bills are doing it for a one-time thing. If you can find a girl like this you’re golden. You could also find a regular girl who just likes to party and go out, while this is not a Thai hooker you will be expected to foot the bill for going out.

4. Escorts in Bangkok

There’s a number of escorts in Bangkok, a few even sponsor my site. These girls will come to your room or apartment and provide a discreet service. They tend to be the most expensive option but also give you the service that you cannot get anywhere else.

Expect to pay anything from 3,500b upwards for two hours. Suited more for the man with money.

5. Thai ladyboys

Thai ladyboys are easy to spot once the sun goes down. There are two types:

  1.  Regular ladyboys who work regular jobs and have normal lives.
  2.  Ladyboys who take part in the RLD

The latter generally ask for money, anywhere from 1,000 baht upwards. You can pull Thai hooker ladyboys for free if they like you, some have self-esteem issues and find comfort when men want them. There are also ladyboy escort sites and a few ladyboy only massages shops on lower Sukhumvit. Walk between Soi 1-7 and you will come across a few.

6. Gik

A gik in Thailand is known as a friend with benefits. These can also come in two forms:

  1.  A regular girl
  2.  Thai hookers

In the first case expect to pay nothing. In the second case, expect to pay but not as much as the first time. Giks may be a combination of 1-5, they tend to call you when they need a good drilling or have just finished their 2am shift and found no customers.

You can get away from paying as little as 500 baht or just a taxi fare home if the girl really likes you. Giks are a big gray area and a great option for guys who don’t want to get too committed.

7. G club girls

I was unsure if I should add G club Thai girls into this article, but did it anyway. A G club is like a gentleman’s club back home. The drinks cost way more, the venue is super nice and the girls are almost always way hotter.

Should You Date a Thai Hooker?

Usually older guys will end up dating a Thai hooker and having them as his girlfriend. If you’re just here for a short time and plan to go back to your home country or elsewhere, then I don’t think there is anything wrong with dating Thai hookers.

You’ll be leaving soon and you’re paying for her company, win-win.

However, if you plan to stay in Thailand long-term, dating one is just about the worst thing you can do. They will milk you for all your money and lie to you. Some of these girls are so embedded in the bar culture that they don’t want to leave it no matter what they tell you.

meme about hookers

When you go back to your home country for a holiday or whatever, there’s a good chance she will be back at the bar (or even doing it while you’re living in Thailand).

There are so many ways to get yourself a good Thai girlfriend that getting yourself a Thai hooker is just plain stupid. Please don’t do it, you’ll most likely lose everything including your mind.

I have had friends who dated hookers but they knew from the start that the relationship would only last for a few weeks and the point of it was sex only. This is fine, but don’t go and make her your live-in girlfriend. The main reason they do this is so they can avoid paying the barfine.

At least half the Thai bar girls that are good looking have at least a dozen mobile numbers of guys in their phonebook who contact them each year when they plan to visit.

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Meet Thai girls

G clubs work by you paying to speak to girls. You select the girl you want and pay around 450 baht for 45 minutes of talking (yes just talking). Some Gentlemen clubs allow you to pay more for extras but that is up to the girl. Expect to pay at least x3 as much as you would at a regular massage.

I often have friends who leave G clubs with 10,000 baht less than they went in with and nothing to show. Some G club girls will get your number later and meet you, while others say they will but never do. If you want a Thai hooker, a G club is not the place to go unless you have money to burn.

28 thoughts on “Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers

  1. Mark
    7 March, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    Spot on about building a rapport. I won’t bar fine anyone if that’s not there as it will probably be a crap experience for both her and me or at the very least a ‘mechanical one’.

    Think Pattaya in high season and the infamous ‘Rush hour’, guys rush out early to bar fine all the ‘hotties’ before they are gone, probably bar fining them on looks alone. Sure you get a selfie to show the boys back home how hot she was but can you say the same about the experience if you didn’t take the time to build a rapport with her?

    I’d take a 7/10 that I’ve spent a few hours having fun with and building that rapport over grabbing a 9-10/10 before she gets bar fined.

    I’ve never had a bad experience and I’ve always dropped in the question of going back to my room towards the end of the night. Never had a pushy one trying to force it early on but if I did that would kill it for me and as you say time to abort

    1. 7 March, 2015 at 9:57 pm

      Good post Mark. How long you been in Bangkok, seems everyone has at least 1 bad experience at some point.

  2. Mark
    7 March, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    I am moving out there in May. Previously I’ve only had two month long visits to Thailand. I guess when I have spent a while longer there a bad experience will be due. Laws of averages and all, still when/if it happens I can always donkey punch the bitch 🙂

  3. jspill
    8 March, 2015 at 2:35 am

    what’s WK on the Venn diagram? white knights?

    1. 8 March, 2015 at 9:34 am


  4. Pascal
    9 March, 2015 at 11:54 am

    Im a wiseman sometimes pay sometimes game.

    I dont get why some ppl are dogmatic about either ends of the spectrum.. like on certain forums you will get banned if you even mention p4p.

    Also dont get the obsesions with “shoring” alot of guys have at the end of the day theyre still fucking prostitutes. Id rather just pay and reserve game for non-pros who are worth it.

    If money wasnt an issue id probably just satisfy my baseline sexual needs with high-end whores and keep game for the exceptional girls you meet in your day to day life.

  5. Keith
    9 March, 2015 at 10:51 pm

    Bottom line: ALL women are women (even ladyboys?).

    They all have the same need for an emotional connection, to feel safe & protected, etc. before intimacy. If you want good sexual experiences with any woman you must establish some level of connection….or just F$5!ing roll the dice and take your chances. I have found that with freelancers (aren’t we all on some level?) if I come across as friendly and funny, I’ve had the best outcomes in Thailand. Generally speaking 10-15 min. is about all I invest until it’s show/no-show time. Being arrogant, pushy, or tough-guy aloof seems to be off putting to Nan (insert 3 letter TGF name here). Good luck in your psychology experiments down at Soi Cowboy!

  6. Richard
    10 March, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    And then you have the category weirdos who most of the time fuck it up themselves , either they behave like boring dudes and then demand a great experience from the girl back in the room, and some act like fucking assholes.
    If you are fun to be around with the less chance you get the bad experience

    1. 10 March, 2015 at 3:26 pm

      Hey Richard, I think there is a good amount of weirdos in all 4 categories listed.

  7. 11 March, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    Great post and I totally agree. For me, the key to happiness in Asia is having a nice girlfriend and cheating on her with filthy whores.

    1. 11 March, 2015 at 1:28 pm

      Haha, awesome quote. That should go on your gravestone.

    2. roge
      18 March, 2015 at 9:42 am

      Haha. I’d say two or three GF on rotation and cheating with whores, for sure…

  8. 18 March, 2015 at 10:54 am

    I almost ended up being that newbie at the beer bar. But then again, I am also a miser and probably couldn’t be bothered spending hours and a couple hundred bath just to get to know the girl.

    What stood out to me during my stay in Pattaya was that a good 90% of the hookers were not good looking at all. That surprised me, knowing that so many people go there for sex.

    1. Bikepianopete
      18 May, 2016 at 4:03 pm

      You are one of the very few who admit this fact. I totally agree. I really can’t understand all the guys talking about stunners, 9/10 etc. I have rarely seen them in bars. They look more like chimps to me.

  9. herpes
    18 March, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    i lost my virginity when i was 15 from a girl at soi cowboy
    it was awesome times!!!!!

    1. 19 March, 2015 at 6:09 am

      She took your virginity and gave you your nick name? 😉

      1. Herpes
        19 March, 2015 at 2:56 pm

        no man, another thai hoe gave me herpes, that son of a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. foofoofoo
    26 March, 2015 at 1:05 am

    The wisemen are guys who have fun with bar girls and gogo girls, then go back to the room and get a true GFE fuck.

    Mongers are guys who pick a chick, hardly say shit or are boring the whole night, and then get a medicore to crappy fuck back at the hotel/condo.

    You cannot just show up in Pattaya looking like shit, with a bad vibe and pick girls like your selecting fruit at the grocery store. Maybe 15 years ago when everyone was super poor and smartphones hadn’t come onto the scene that could fly… but in 2015 you gotta be a “wiseman” to get a good experience with a Thai whore.

    A lot of dudes may say, wtf why don’t I just game then. Well gaming takes 5x the effort and time. Let me try to break it down some more:

    Wiseman – pays a little to speed things up, but still games to get the girl feeling good and score that good fuck. Wisemen don’t have runners or starfish.

    Gamer – approaches tons of girls, gets rejected a ton. Finally gets a hot lead, works it for hours. Gets a good lay at the end.

    Wiseman spent 3 hours.
    Gamer spent 1 week.

  11. Thailand
    5 December, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    I just got back from 2 months in Thailand and spent the last three weeks exclusively with one fun Thai hooker and got the true GFE. The problem is I’ve now fallen in love with her big time.. This is heartbreaking because I k ow it’s almost certain to be a doomed relationship from what I’ve read so rather than send her money I’ve now broken up with her.

    Did I do the right thing?

    All I can think about is moving to Thailand and looking after her.. (FYI we were the same age and made a good looking couple, we not only hung out and has sex but went travelling together to parts of Thailand she had never been during which time I did not pay for her services apart from the flights/ accommodation etc. I think we complemented each other well)

    Or am I just another Farrang idiot ?

    1. 5 December, 2015 at 1:38 pm

      Hey Toby,

      As a general rule of thumb, bar girls don’t make the best girlfriends or wives given all the information out there.If you did decide to give it a shot, keep in mind that you would be funding all her lifestyle, and once money stops coming in, things can go sour.

      It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.

    2. Jon
      13 April, 2016 at 3:02 pm

      If you want to suit her long term, are you ok with her continuing to do what she was doing before you met her?

    3. Longstroker
      4 June, 2016 at 11:57 am

      I think I’ve banging the hell out of that girl since you left. Don’t worry, she’s in very capable hands…

  12. Ragged male
    18 July, 2016 at 11:43 am

    I like to be spanked. What’s the spanking scene like in Thailand

  13. Mongopusher
    12 September, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    I’ve had numerous experiences with the “fun hookers” as well as the “not so fun hookers” as well as dating (and eventually marrying) a “normal” (not pro) Thai girl.
    General rules I have used/learned;
    1- Only go with girls from a reputable establishment. Eg bar girls (BGs or girls in a massage parlour) Freelancers are too risky and if she scams you/robs you, you haven’t got a leg to stand on. Don’t be a cheapy-charlie, bar fines really aren’t much compared to losing your passport, wallet, phone or worse.
    2- Build up a rapport with a girl, if she is friendly and worth your time, you’ll pick up on that pretty quickly. If she isn’t, move on. A fun and friendly chick is more likely to negotiate and give you the GF experience. A not so fun one will lay there like a bag of rice, telling you to hurry up and bust your nut so she can leave.
    3- Don’t crap in your own backyard (go with girls from bars in your immediate neighbourhood)
    4- Learn some of the language. Even pros can appreciate you making an effort to learn her language and is more likely to give you the GFE. Thai BGs love to talk and knowing even just a couple of phrases in their language will make you stand out a mile in her eyes.
    5- Agree on a price before you bar fine her. If you think shes charging too much, move on.
    6- Leading back to point 3, don’t go with multiple girls from the same bar/who know each other unless all parties are comfortable with it. You might just be a 2 week tourist but these girls have to work together every day and that could create all sorts of tension and we all know how love-scorned Thai women can act, even if theyre pros. Play it safe and go with girls from different bars.
    7- Don’t fall in love with any pro (no brainer really). If you start to get feelings for one, pinch it in the bud and stop seeing her. Don’t be a jerk, lead her on or play with her emotions as well as your own.
    8- Only give them your phone number/line ID/facebook if you plan to hear from them again. They WILL call or message you telling you they miss you (even if they are one of the aforementioned not-fun pros!). If they get clingy, call or message too much or start asking for sick buffalo money- cut them off and block them.
    9- Treat them with respect, don’t be lazy/rude/loutish and always keep your game on. Like any women, Thai BGs want to be around someone who makes them feel good, makes them laugh and is polite to them. I’ve seen way too many farang creeps treating BGs terribly, talking down at them and bossing them about simply because they’re pros and can get away with it.
    Treat them like any date you would back in your country, show some respect and courtesy and they will reward you for it!

    1. 13 September, 2016 at 3:31 am

      All great points and advice, I hope many people read this.

  14. Farang2
    16 September, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    I made a mistake once, taking home a sweetie (as I thought) and woke up with a pro 🙂 She demanded 3000 Bhat in the morning but said nothing about any money in the evening before. Even if I kind of asked her if she wanted anything from me. I didn’t have any cash at that moment except 573 Bhat in my pants. She grabbed every Bhat and it turned out to be the cheapest pro I ever had, haha.

    Two friends of mine grabbed two girls from Climax. They never had sex (not sure why) but in the morning they wanted money. My friends said we will not give you. Then the girls asked if they wanted their cell phones back 🙂 My friends called the police who came. The police just said: Give them 500 Bhat each and take this as a lesson. This is BKK.

    1. 16 September, 2016 at 2:28 pm

      Haha, great story!

  15. Cardkleener
    4 November, 2016 at 7:04 am

    I met a bar girl in Bangkok. She was a little person. Hot hot body size proportionate. (not a dwarf type) We spent the night together (paid) and I had to leave town for a few days. I came back early and called her. She spent two nights and three days with me. She was a nympho maniac. First it was every two hours then it was 45 min. Day three I had to kick her out. (didn’t pay her a cent) I could of fallen for this one easily. I tracked her down a cpl years later and she is married to a guy and living in Missouri. Lucky bastard.

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