6 Telling Traits Of High Society (Hi So) Girls in Thailand

This is a topic of hot bother. There are several Thailand forums that debate what a Thai hi society member is, and what traits and backgrounds they have.

If you want to meet well educated Thai girls for free, then read this article.

Meet-Thai-girlsAs somebody who drives a Mercedes Benz in England, owns an original Calvin Klein wallet and a badminton, squash and tennis racket made from carbon fiber and graphite, I’m probably in the top 1% of hi society expats in Thailand, who can spot a hi society Thai girl from a mile away while wearing a blindfold.

thai hi so girls

I am often told by expats, friends and people on forums that they dated a hi so Thai girl, or that their Thai girlfriend is hi so because she has this or that.

In this educational piece, I am going to reveal 6 characteristics of hi so Thai girls that I’ve learned while living in Thailand.

1. They have the latest mobile phone

At the time of writing this article (June 25th, 2015), a legitimate hi so Thai girl will have either an iPhone 6 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy Edge 6. Notice the words in bold, if your date or girlfriend only has a iPhone 6 or a standard Samsung Galaxy 6, I have some bad news for you.

If she owns a Nokia, Sony or Windows phone that costs over 20,000 baht, she’s kinda hi so, but not full hi so.

The highest of hi sos will have the trifecta:  iPhone 6 Plus, iMac Air 2 and the latest iPad (all must be in white).

2. She doesn’t drown a pizza in ketchup

Members of high society in any country are culturally aware and I think food plays an important factor in deciphering if one is indeed a hi so, or a pretender. A really classy hi so will eat a pizza without pouring at least 65% of the ketchup bottle onto the pizza.

She will also never use fish sauce with pizza.

Thai date pizza

Plot twist: A true member of high society will never eat a pizza with a knife and fork. they know pizzas are meant to be eaten using only their hands, and they scoff it down just like we do back home. Extra points awarded if she manages to drop a topping on her dress.

3. She only buys the honeymoon seat or better at the cinemas

In Thailand, there are several entry points for paying for a ticket at the movies. Tickets start from 170 baht for regular seats with honeymoon seats costing 200-220 baht. From my extensively short interactions with hi society Thai girls, they will always pay extra and get the honeymoon seat.

If she’s the highest of hi sos, then she will only watch movies on couch seats which usually start from 300-600 baht upwards.

Note: If she has ever watched a movie on Wednesday for 100 baht (tickets are cheaper on Wednesday), she is permanently disqualified from ever being considered a hi so.

4. She only shops at Siam Paragon or Emquartier

Another quality indicator on whether your date or girlfriend is a certified hi so is that she only shops at Siam Paragon or Emquartier. It’s a well known fact in hi-so expat circles that I frequent, that the crème de la crème of girls only visit these two malls.

hi society thai girls

However, you’ll be glad to know if your girlfriend shops at Central World or Terminal 21 she’s kinda hi-so, but she must never have bought clothes from On-nut market or similar markets to qualify.

5. She drives a car

With cars being crazy expensive in Thailand, if your girl owns a car you have got yourself a keeper. If she’s driving a car that’s made in Thailand, she hasn’t paid the 300% import tax which means she can’t get the A Farang Abroad Certified Hi So Stamp of Approval, but she does have potential.

Girls who are rolling in any foreign car (less than 3 years old), it’s hard to call her anything other than hi so.

Note: If your girlfriend has a BTS Rabbit card that always has more than 200 baht in credit, she can be considered kinda hi-so only if she meets at least two other conditions in this article.

6. She is talking to people like you and me

Any hi so girl will have high standards, and talking to a cultural and worldly guy like me or you certainly shows that she is a hi so. I mean why wouldn’t hi society girls talk to me and you? It’s not like we don’t have legitimate visas that allow us to live in Thailand permanently, nor did we leave our home countries because we’re social misfits or losers.

In a nutshell, any girl who is talking to you or showing interest, there is a high probability that she is a hi so. Because as we all know, hi so women in Thailand love us.


Did I miss anything out, or did I hit the nail on the head? I hope this article puts to bed what is considered a hi so Thai girl. If you have you own ideas on what a hi so girl is, please leave a comment below.

PS: if you take anything I said in this article seriously, you should literally go f**** yourself.


26 thoughts on “6 Telling Traits Of High Society (Hi So) Girls in Thailand

  1. 24 June, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    I took that ketchup pic! Good times. Give me an Issan farmer’s daughter anyday 🙂

    1. David Hall
      2 March, 2017 at 6:22 am

      you have the right attitude. a decent and faithful thai girl is all a decent farang man could ask for. lt would be so nice if she speaks a little English and…..is honest.

  2. Dickie!
    25 June, 2015 at 4:25 am

    It’s an interesting topic, the so called “Hi-So” society of Thailand. But what is truly a Hi-So person in Thailand? You’re right about all points. A true Hi-So must have the bling to match the zing. However, when it comes to personality, most of these people are anything but Hi-So.

    Your typical Hi-So Thai actually believes to be better than other Thais, certainly a lot better than those who don’t belong to the Hi-So society of Thailand. And let us not start about foreigners, they’re even lower.

    Most of these folks had the luck of enjoying an education abroad, in some western country, of course. Mom and dad made this happen. Probably it was just dad and mom stood by looking pretty like a true Hi-So mother should. These are the born into Hi-So society people.

    They believe it’s their rightfully earned place in society. Not for what they have contributed in this life, but in past lives. We average people have to bow and pay respect to those people. They have earned this place, we didn’t.

    Last weekend I’ve met a typical Hi-So girl. Some Hi-So guys were carrying here towards the street. As a concerned guest of this honorable society, I asked what was going on. The reply was simple “None of your concern” In the best interest of the girl – of course – I kept asking what happened to her. It turned out she was wasted. Drunk as hell! Once again, a typical display of a Hi-So broad who miscalculated the alcohol level in her 350 baht cocktail.

    As I said, these are the born into Hi-So members of society. We also have the self made ones. Who didn’t really earn their place in this exclusive circle of people, but who busted their way in. I have to say this upfront, I’ve only met women so far who made their way into this world of bling. It are those with the looks, the brains – as far as you need some – and the balls (in the figurative way) to become a self made Hi-So person.

    I’ve met such person recently, let’s call her Chocolate. Chocolate is a good looking girl, smart(ish), well spoken and a great pair of tits. Technically speaking she’s a Mia Noi, but when she’s not busy with that role, she’s just another Hi-So girl who believes she made it because she earned it. In a way, she did earn it, if you get my drift. Maybe she earned it more than those born into Hi-So members.

    Anyway, Chocolate has a nice condo, that fancy foreign (imported) car, iPhone 6 Plus, Dior dress, etc. She eats pizza like a lady but without being to prude. A woman we all dream of, but unless you have very deep pockets, you’ll only end up chatting with her. And that’s what I did, chatting with her. Dreaming away in her boozem while she was explaining to me how she deserved all these riches because she could do what wife number one couldn’t. I can only imagine what that is.

    Ladies and gentle… maybe just Gentlemen. These are the two categories of Hi-So people in Thailand. And if you truly are a person with hiso qualities, you stay the fuck away from them, unless they pay the bill at the G-Club, or have a great pair of tits.

    Yours truly,


    1. 25 June, 2015 at 4:30 am

      Good one, I lol’d several times.

  3. 25 June, 2015 at 7:44 am

    Nice article Harvie, I would add one more:

    Thai Hi-So girls (and guys the same) usually don’t work. They manage their assets and money but they don’t work a 9-5 office job.

  4. Pat
    25 June, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    They’re also good at cheating on the BFs!
    Haven’t had it done to me but I’ve had a tryst with a couple

    Must say it was great fun, and me beng a cheapskate, didn’t need to spend much

  5. johnny bravo
    7 July, 2015 at 5:14 am

    The real hi soc is made up by people who are doctors, academics, writers, painters, actors not by some stupid spoiled children, who never worked an hour in their life and for who, their parents bribed schools to pass. So called hi soc is made up of people who have extremely narcissistic behavior, and they only know how to spend mom or dad’s money, go shopping, buy whitening cream and be totally empty inside. On the other hand, in Thailand appearance is very important so you would see a lot of waiters, tuk tuk drivers or most of the students who can’t afford to pay 100 baht or more for a meal, but they will have the latest i phone just to play line and use it for social networks.

  6. rik
    7 July, 2015 at 5:25 am

    Hi-So -Thailand = Oxymoron Simple as that

  7. Jocoso
    7 July, 2015 at 1:49 pm

    So, an expensive mistress who can eat pizza the proper way…

  8. Michael
    7 July, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    The #1 indicator of hiso youth status is spending long periods of time studying abroad supported by their parents. This means their parents have enough disposable income to waste at least $50k USD per year on their child’s education.

    For older Thais, those who travel abroad often for pleasure also meet this criteria.

    I have known many of these types from meeting them at my university in Australia. Their families are very wealthy. Ironically, they are willing to drink low-class whiskey and not even own Iphones because they know they are above the ‘hi-so for show’ thing.

  9. Keith
    8 July, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    Thanks!?!?!!! Now you have shattered my reality….
    The ultra dark brown Isan LBFM who I met outside the Soi 4 7-11 swore she was Hi-So! Maybe her being more tatted up than a Mexican prison gang leader should of clued me in first….thanks!?!?

    1. 8 July, 2015 at 2:24 pm

      Sorry Keith! lol

  10. 11 July, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    It all sounds pretty similar to other countries, even usa given massive gaps from the rich to the not-so. Little girls and boys get a porsche on their 16th b-day in many cases.

    But, what I’m surprised to hear is that they like westerners? I thought they were into thai guys?

    I also agree with the poster who said their are the superficial hi so and there are those that work hard.

    1. 12 July, 2015 at 3:39 am

      The rich girls usually don’t like westerns.

      1. Josh
        23 July, 2015 at 1:07 pm

        I dated a legit HiSo girl for a month or so. She was 18 and preparing to go to NY for university.

        She picked me up from the airport in her Porsche paid for my 10000 baht sushi lunches and even wanted to pay for a ticket for me for a getaway to Seychelles (I declined).

        She wasn’t very attractive and just a horrible person in general. I couldn’t keep the charade up for long.

        1. 23 July, 2015 at 1:11 pm

          Flight to the Seychelles and you said no? You done goof’d son!

          1. Josh
            23 July, 2015 at 1:20 pm

            That post makes me sound like I have dignity and shit hah.

            The truth is I would have gone and leeched her for all shes worth, but I had to go home for work reasons etc. Such is life.

          2. 23 July, 2015 at 1:53 pm

            Haha,there you go Josh. Join the rest of us in the sewers of expat waste, everyone who lives in Thailand ends up here 😀 .

  11. idontgiveashit
    26 July, 2015 at 12:36 am

    555555 & hahahahaha

    Seem like you have a big misunderstanding, my fellow little farang friend. Those Hi-So girl qualifications can not specify who’s the real Hi-so, may be for wanna be one. Some points are true but not all of them, I’ll try to explain to you.

    1.This one cannot use as a qualification coz mostly Thai people crazy about latest phone from Apple or Samsung even a security guard or highschool student got iphone 6+ while most Europeans don’t. I can say that mostly middle income people in this country got a smartphone (and mostly the latest model too)

    2. seem right

    3. I agreed

    4. I’d like to add Thong Lor and Ekamai districts to the list too apart from those luxury malls

    5. May be yes, but got a Benz or BMW that’s been imported from Germany cannot really say that she’s a hiso but you can say that she’s a high income people( if she bought it herself). But you can say one if she got a supercar with >10M bath price. And the real thing about really hiso girl is that she does not drive herself, her family got a private driver for every cars they got

    6. I don’t think that just got a Calvin Klein wallet and drive Benz will attract a real hiso girl. Almost all of them have a degree from aboard university so they’ll get familiar with farang and don’t think that you’re a special one (except that you own a bussines with > 1 billion bath worth) coz a real hiso is from a super rich family and they only have an eye on the same level people only ( the one who will hype and excite when see a farang that seem rich walking around should be a regular girl, a hiso wanna be and a hooker one that really want to upgrade herself with a higher income man)

    I think you’ve got around with people that keep saying hiso this, hiso that. Mostly they’re hiso wanna be so you may have a wrong idea about what’s call ‘hiso’ . Too bad Thai people keep crazy about hiso thing coz they want to be rich and look rich like a hiso one so they’ve tried to pretend that they’re one. But the real hiso in this country must be at least own > 100 millions business and they just looking for the same level people only. If you meet this criteria, you may welcome to the elite club of this country.

    1. 26 July, 2015 at 3:31 am

      Did you even read the last line of this article?

    2. Marlamop
      13 September, 2015 at 10:28 am

      Well said, i totally agree with you.

  12. lung
    11 January, 2016 at 2:20 am

    no matter how hiso (or loso, or soso) they are, they have never heard of mandela, gorbachev, darwin, coltrane, tolstoy, nietzsche… they do know louis vuitton though but have problems pronouncing his name 555

  13. richandyoung
    20 December, 2016 at 8:02 am

    I agree with the pizza one. The other ones, not so much.

    Being “high so” and showing off/pretending to have are very different things. Having the latest iPhone or a car doesn’t say much. Any middle class worker can get those items –in fact, cars, iPhones, etc are meant for the middle class–.

    The best way to spot a “high so” girl is to pay attention to the way she talks or she dresses –not necessarily expensive clothes, but high so girls know how to dress properly, and know how to be sexy without being trashy–. High so girls (or people, in general) are open minded, can discuss a variety of topics –due to being well educated–, are open to criticism, and in general are always trying to improve in different areas of their lives –health, finances, etc.–. They also have freedom (i.e. real high so people don’t need jobs).

    That’s why I never fall for pretentious people. I’ve met a lot of people with the latest phones and cars, but after talking to them for five minutes I already knew they were still paying for their car –i.e. they don’t even own it yet, and at the same time don’t even have money–. They are slaving away years of their lives, at jobs they hate, just to show off.

    I am high so myself, and I don’t even have a car. But what distinguishes me from the rest? Besides the points I mentioned above, the fact that I have the money and the passive income/freedom (remember, middle class have things, the rich have the money).

    Just my 2 cents (yeah just 2 cents, no need to show off 😛 )

  14. Glen
    23 January, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    Seems this is the same shit as in many other places… Was in South Korea.. Same Old Money, New Money and No Money crap along with the light skin and dark skin crap…

  15. Terry Papiyong Kukkuk
    23 May, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    Sorry is this a joke? I don’t know but if not it is absolute nonsense, the ketchup and fish sauce is the most random made up bullshit I’ve ever heard, the new phone every prostitute and bar in Thailand has the latest phone, and as for “if she is talking to you she must be Hi So” that is completely false, in my experience of living in BKK for the past 5 years the vast majority of Hi So girls will not have any interest in talking to a foreigner she doesn’t know! I the you are confusing Hi So girls with Bar girls!!

    1. 24 May, 2017 at 3:07 am


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