Visa Run To Hanoi And I Ate Some Dog

I made a promise to myself that for each Thai visa run for the next 12 months I’d see a new country. I was getting sick of doing the boring bus trips to Cambodia, and would rather slit my wrists, run my hairy balls over shared glass and suck off a Thai ladyboy in Soi Nana than visit Laos again.

As my good friend Jeff says, no thanks.

I was eying up a visit to Hong Kong until I looked up hotel prices and changed my mind. Perhaps I’ll go there next year when I sell a few more eBooks. In the end I saw a cracking flight from BKK airport to Hanoi for 4,000 baht and booked up.

Hanoi a city ruined by backpackers

I really like Hanoi. The streets are small with locals zigging and zagging on their scooters, people selling all kinds of stuff with a nice whiff of sewage hitting you every now and then bringing you back into the here and now.

hanoi visa run

There’s always something hitting the senses as you make your way along the broken footpaths that all try to snap your ankle in several places.

Every few minutes I’d end up seeing a backpacker. They weren’t normal backpackers either, they all happened to fit some cliché whether it was dread locks, colored hair, hippy pants or walking around at 11am with a beer in hand.

Every time I started to enjoy Hanoi, one appeared out of nowhere and ruined everything.

I went to Halong Bay, which is now considered one of the 7 Wonders of Nature, and this is what I saw when I walked on the deck to take in the amazing view:

boat hanoi

What the f*** is this? I paid $45 to get on this boat and I’m subjected to this? I almost 300 kicked the sloth off the deck I was so enraged. If we were a little further out at sea, I probably would have.

After seeing this, I couldn’t enjoy the rest of the tour and just wanted to get home back to the comforts of the Internet.

Eating dog meat in Vietnam

I use Airbnb to book hotels and apartments when I travel as I find them to be cheaper than Agoda and other sites quite often (email me if you want an affiliate code for $25 off your next stay).

I booked 3 nights in a hotel on Airbnb and got talking with the owner.

I jokingly asked where I could get some dog meat in Hanoi. He said it’s hard to find in the tourist areas nowadays but he can get his mother to cook me some. I laughed and called the kunt out thinking he was joking, and he said he’d get her to make it the next day.

The next day, he greets me in the lobby and tells his mother has cooked me some dog and it’s delicious (uwotm8?). He invites me into the kitchen and serves me a bowl of dog and rice noodles:

dog meat hanoi

You can see some bits that look like jelly, that was the skin. I’ve always wanted to try dog and now I had my chance. While it looked like a plate of meat that someone had regurgitated, he was right – it was f****ing delicious.

I was expecting it to be tuff like beef, but it was quite tender and had a sweet after taste. The dog was on the bone and I ripped every piece of meat I could and was licking my hands after.

I then joked and ask if he could get me some cat. He said according to the Chinese calendar, the first half of the month they eat cat, while the second half they eat dog. Guess I’ll have to come here again.

To learn more about eating dog meat in Vietnam, this article is pretty good.

Getting a Visa for Vietnam

From June 2015 until June 2016, Vietnam has lifted the visa requirements for a number of countries for tourists that want to stay less than 15 days. A visa used to cost you around $50 but now you can just land at the airport and get stamped for 15 days.

Note: I went to Hanoi on holiday, I already have a triple entry visa so I did not go there to get a visa.

Should you go to Hanoi?

I enjoyed my time in Hanoi a lot more than I thought. The city has a pretty touristy feel due to all the backpackers. It’s a cheap place to stay and attracts a lot backpackers in their early 20s.

I don’t think backpackers are really the problem, it has more to do with the fact that I hate everybody I don’t know. If anything, I’m the problem, not them.

I did enjoy my time there and checking out Halong Bay was also cool:

hanoi 1

hanoi 3

hanoi 2

It was quite a cheap visa run too. You can get decent hotels for under $30, the food is really cheap (even at high-end places) and it’s a fun place to walk around and check stuff out.

For further reading on Hanoi, check out a quick guide, Andy’s trip report and these tips to avoid getting scammed.

Have you guys been to Hanoi or eaten dog meat in Vietnam? Leave a comment below yo!

16 thoughts on “Visa Run To Hanoi And I Ate Some Dog

  1. Pedro
    6 September, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    is hanoi a good place to get a new thai TR visa?

    1. 6 September, 2015 at 12:39 pm

      TR visa? I didn’t get a visa, I just went for a trip as I had to leave the country mate.

      1. jspill
        9 September, 2015 at 9:36 pm

        TR = tourist, you can only get a single entry TR visa in vietnam, so it’s not as good as Laos (double entry) or Bali (triple)

        1. Jack
          10 September, 2015 at 3:59 am

          Jspill, did you ever get a triple entry in Bali or just hear stories of it?

          If you got one from there, was it difficult?

  2. Pat
    6 September, 2015 at 4:04 pm

    I’ve eaten rabbits and horses, all fine, but I find it difficult to bring myself to eat a meat eating canine beast…then I recall what dog shit smells like and I almost wretch. For experiences sake I will have to try at some point. Maybe a roast or bbq.
    Last time I spit roasted a dog was when me and my mate doubled up on some smelly english bird

    I would also like to think that all them early 20s backpacking types would yield some worthwhile pussy, but sadly it’s not usually the case, all those heavy backpacks but nor even room for a 100g bar of soap.

    If only they realised a good wash and change of clothes would do wonders for their reputation, and lose the backpack and use a large smart comfortable shoulder bag.

    So what about nightlife? Are there ‘normal’ locals about who are chat uppable?

    1. 6 September, 2015 at 4:45 pm

      I never liked pets so it never bothered me about eating dog or cat.

      I was waiting in queue at immigration and there was a couple in front of me who just stank of body odor. They were two jaded backpackers, most likely spending nights in hotels without aircon. Even the flight from Bangkok to Hanoi smelt somewhat from the amount of backpackers on there. I’ve backpacked before, but I managed to shower at least once a day.

      As for the nightlife, it was pretty limited but there were tons of hole in the wall joints where you could sit on the street on plastic stools and drink and order food. That seemed to be quite popular with locals. The girls didn’t look too hot though, in my 3 days there I don’t think I once saw a hot Vietnamese girls. Which was odd, as I saw several in HCM.

      PS: everyone’s shit stinks.

  3. slak
    6 September, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    suck off a ladyboy doesnt sound too bad, if its a hot one

  4. Pat
    6 September, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    Wow Flak!! Teach me how to be as hilarious as you!! How do you manage it? You must be a famous comedian right? When’s the next stand up gig?

    F**king prick.

  5. Pussy Illuminati
    9 September, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    I haven’t been to Vietnam yet. But plan on going there soon. So read this article with much interest. Regarding the dog meat. In China where I lived for a few years dog meat is not uncommon in certain regions. But it’s not like people it every day and not very one likes to eat it. And it’s not a part of everyday life over which u stumble everyday. I ate dogmeat 5 times in 3 years, all was offered at a dinner with the local people in the village. But they served it cold on a plate in slices. Different than on your picture. And we should dip it into salt.I am always open to new food. But I didn’t like the taste of it. Although if someone offered it to me again I would not refuse. Curious how Vietnamese food compares to Chinese. In my eyes Vietnam is like a little brother or cousin of China. So there must be similarities. Just my two cents

  6. dobberdude
    15 September, 2015 at 7:51 pm

    Harvie how do you think this will affect your stay in thailand?

    1. 16 September, 2015 at 3:22 am

      Not much, I pretty much always have some kind of Visa.

  7. 30 September, 2015 at 4:49 am

    Ha Long Bay looks awesome. Still haven’t been to the north. (Or tried dog) Do you prefer HCMC or Hanoi?

    There are loads of back packers in HCMC but I also meet a lot of young professionals down there working or running businesses. It’s actually the best city I found for networking and making friends who aren’t tourists or degenerate drunks.

    1. 30 September, 2015 at 6:18 am

      HCMC is better overall for nightlife and things to do. Hanoi is kind of small and quite limited at night. There’s just as many backpackers in Hanoi as HCMC, best to go up north if you want to relax and get work done. Ha Long Bay is nice but the tours kind of suck because they all lead everyone to the same place. Would have been better if they took you to ioslated areas where there’s only you, then again I only paid $50 for my tour lol.

  8. nRon
    19 October, 2015 at 10:21 am

    “300 kicked her off the pier”! I feel that rage all too often…
    I’ve had bbq dog in the Philippines, and aside from the prep. of being chopped up into bite sized chunks bones and all, it was fantastic! I think we (me and my Navy buddies) were also eating monkey meat on a stick in the Pi or that may have just been what we were calling it??? Good to know on the 15 day visa on arrival! sold info mate, cheers!!!

  9. Mike
    3 April, 2017 at 12:19 am

    You seem like just a negative person overall so I’m not taking any advice from this bullshit little piece you wrote

    1. 3 April, 2017 at 4:29 am

      Sorry Mike :(.

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