Beginner’s Guide To Traveling In Bangkok

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Fuck, what happened? Bangkok has been awesome, yet there’s no denying that the first few days back home were actually quite enjoyable. The calmness, peaceful nature outside, and of course getting to see friends and family again.

Less than a week in, I am already experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Status quo, forever gone.

No question, my first taste of pussy paradise had left an imprint. Simply a truly epic trip to Bangkok!

Much more than just a hell of a lot of fun – both a learning experience as well as game changer. As a single man, you MUST experience Bangkok. The sooner you go, the more you’ll benefit.

Any time a friend asks for advice regarding life or women – I always recite the same mantra:

“Go Bangkok. Make boom boom. Reevaluate afterwards.”

Such a trip won’t be for everyone, but the majority of guys – especially if you’re already reading this blog – will massively enjoy it.

Now, I’m fairly spontaneous. The first time I went to Thailand, I literally just booked my flight with no prior planning. I was going to do it all on the spot, finding a nice place, hitting up Thai girls. To say the least, it could’ve been easier. Walking around for hours, moving from one fully booked hotel to the next took a toll. Definitely not how you imagine your arrival in paradise.

Where’s my go­to guide? Traditional travel guides take days of studying and often leave you feeling like you’re going on a covert special operation abroad. Let’s be frank, if you’re just looking for fun, you need a straight to the point guide filled with practical advice. No fluff, no fillers – essentials only.

If this guide helps you to better navigate through the jungle of confusion, my outcome is achieved.

It’s hard to deny, but having to do research and collect information from different sources has always been quite frustrating. You would come across a great forum thread covering strategies on getting laid in Thailand, another website would only mention accommodation. Sometimes it’s even worse – conflicting advice from different sources.

It would’ve been nice to have it all at one place. This article should offer some guidance, and help you resolve potential questions. While it can’t suit everyone’s needs, I’ve tried my best to cover what I consider the essentials for having fun, getting laid and maximizing enjoyment (while minimizing downsides).

Don’t worry, this isn’t your typical, boring ass, forever­ long story. It’s straight to the point, as you’ll learn soon. Ready for Bangkok?

Wait a second, is Bangkok still safe?

If you want to stay safe, stay at home. That’s the best advice I can offer. Unless you’re in Iraq, or Afghanistan, YOU are your biggest risk, not the environment. Bangkok is no different, even if media paints a different picture after the recent bombings.

Don’t let perception and hysteria fool you. Bring a stack of condoms and you’re already taking care of the biggest danger to your well being. If you can’t afford the trip, fair enough – stay at home. Otherwise, re­ attach your balls and make sure you have a good load ready to sprinkle all over the first Thai hottie in sight.

What’s Your Plan?

Most readers here will enjoy the simple pleasures: Girls + Fun. There will be a minority that is more interested in sightseeing and culture. Noted, but this won’t be addressed here. Knowing what you want to do in advance can be crucial.

Even if you’re just hunting for girls, how you decide to go about it matters … quite a bit.

Not that it will break your trip, but you can arrange things in your favor.

The time of the year, where you stay and even the amount of Bangkok girls floating around – all factors that vary. More about that below, for now it’s important to know what you actually want to do in Bangkok.

Managing your expectations is another basis for a superior trip. If you’re going during summer expecting crazy nightlife, you will be rather surprised by the calm.

WHO Must Go To Bangkok

Coming from Western civilization, Bangkok will instantly feel like a playground. Suddenly, you’re flooded with opportunities to get laid, food is inexpensive and the weather most closely resembles paradise.

Whether you’re a young guy unwilling to put up with high ­maintenance mediocre girls, or are past middle age already, Bangkok will rejuvenate you and offer a preview of what a better life can look like.

There’s those that come back year after year, and others that I call “Bangkok Addicts To Be”. Essentially, people that have contemplated about going there, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I have plenty of friends like these, it’s quite depressing.

Image credit: N03

If you’re a complete idiot – as we all once were – BKK can do good for you. The awkward inexperienced, undersexed male will be in for a treat, ideally get a year’s worth experience in only a couple of weeks (or days). Leaving Bangkok, he might as well be a different man.

If nothing else – besides having fun – the experience will help you raise your standards. I know, it sounds paradoxical. On closer sight, it makes perfect sense though.

Say you’re like most of us and have spent your entire life in a Western country (U.S./Europe), you are accustomed to that lifestyle. As there’s no alternative for comparison, that becomes your yardstick.

Landing in Bangkok, Thailand and you suddenly realize that, well, feminine, petite girls are actually pretty awesome … and getting laid is super easy. When you bang on the regular, somehow woman aren’t that important anymore, and putting in effort, or accepting bullshit behavior both seem idiotic.

You might say it’s laziness, I say it’s a higher standard where you set a baseline for what you accept and demand.

Leverage Time To Maximize Fun

As previously mentioned, timing matters … in some cases a lot. Here’s what you need to know:

Peak Season: November – March

More expensive, more tourists, busier nightlife, more working girls, also way more crowded.

Low Season: April – May

Potentially cheaper (girls/rent), less crowded, flights might be cheaper, larger selection of free rentals (check out the Ultimate Guide to Bangkok apartments for more information).

BRO TIP: Check the Thai calendar before booking, you don’t want holidays prevent you from having fun! (Many girls visit their families during holidays, stores, bars and other “necessities of life” might not be available. Yes, it can really be annoying if you don’t know beforehand.)

Getting In (Not What You Think!)

Of course, I am talking about getting to Bangkok. Flight is the easiest option and will apply to 99% of readers here. There’s tons of flight comparison sites available, but again, it’s all about simplicity. In most cases, it’s not worth the time to compare multiple sites. Pick a really good one and you’ll most likely get a great deal.

So far, I’ve been very happy with – not only because I ended up finding the cheapest flights here, but also because it allows you to easily identify the cheapest day to fly out. One click and you’re done? no need to click through individual days. Cheapest day of the week, month, or year – everything at a glance:

Depending on where you live, searching for alternative departure airports might save you some money. If the alternative is close by and easily reachable by car or train – go for it!

Upon Arrival: Save yourself some trouble, get a local SIM + data plan right when you arrive at the airport!

Finally, signing up for a frequent flyer program might save you money on future flights. Simply check your airlines website for getting started.

Bro-tip: if you have a bit more money and watch to fly in style, check out I only fly First Class to find great deals on tickets.

Selecting Your Crib

There’s plenty of options – anything from local rentals, to Couch surfing, AirBnB and hotels – but only the latter two will be suited for tourists. If you’re looking to date regular girls, I would recommend staying near a dating spot (coffee shop, billiard), or at the very least close to a MRT/BTS stations.


Of course, this is Bangkok and flagging down a Bangkok taxi is super easy. Nonetheless, if you want to take a girl back home, it’s an advantage to live close by.

Also, depending on where you want to spend most of your time (dates, Bangkok red light districts) compare the costs of paying more for accommodation (living central) to cheaper rent that comes with additional transportation costs.

Also, metro doesn’t run 24/7, so you have to keep that in mind in case you want to stay out late.

Taxis and motorbikes are on pretty much every corner, so getting from A to B is never an issue, no matter the time.

Finding Quality Girls

There’s no way to scientifically prove the theory, but Bangkok feels like the easiest place for getting laid. Not just with Thai bar girls, but every type of regular girl you can imagine. Which girl is right for you?

Well, it doesn’t really matter as there’s an enormous selection to choose from. Here are 3 straight­forward ways of getting laid.

Online Dating

I started online dating and ironically, it became so easy that I never did anything else. Sure, I went clubbing with friends a few times but it wasn’t to pick up girls. So, you’re warned! If you’re lazy, have no game or just want to pipeline girls, online game is your best bet! Bangkok is a goldmine and if you follow some basic rules, you should have OK success. Put up at least one nice picture, write messages en masse and don’t behave like an idiot.

Daygame / Clubbing

Personally, I don’t recommend being outside DURING the day. The heat is simply unbearable. Fair enough, shopping centers would be fine, but even then most girls would still be at work. Better to head out late afternoon/evening, or ideally combine it with something else.

Go to any metro station and you’ll have a constant stream of fresh meat, you don’t even need to walk. Sit down and wait until a suitable candidate arrives, then approach.

Alternatively, you can hang out at the mall – MBK, Siam Paragon, Central Plaza … there’s just too many options.

I’m not a fan of tourists hotspots but there’s a few decent places to visit. If you’re eager to meet Farang hunters, you might consider Khao San Road. Prefer the locals? Head over to R.C.A> and party in any of the clubs there.

Pay 4 Play

Impossible to ignore – the sex industry seems to be all around. Walk on any major street and you’ll get approached a ton. Massage girls, lady boys, gogo girls and any gender in between. However, there are hotspots where you’ll find a high concentration of all these sex workers. The main red light districts are Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Nana.

red_light_districts bangkok

On the roads connecting these areas, you find clubs filled with freelancers (independent hookers) as well as street prostitutes.

Tourist Traps

Super important.

The temptation to go full retard is omnipresent, but remember what I mentioned initially? You are your biggest risk. Use your common sense at all times, take basic precautions and you’re good to go. In other words, lock your valuables away, use condoms and don’t I­know­some­will­ignore­it fall for a hooker.

Lastly, mark my words to avoid regrets after a night of drinking …

Just because it has long hair and big breasts, doesn’t mean it’s a woman.

Enjoy Bangkok!

Curious about the naughty details of my epic trip? Each girl met, from date to sex and beyond. After my trip, I condensed the entire experience into a book. Step-­by-­step strategies for online dating, solid tips for getting laid … and explicit content my mom must never find out about.

This was a guest post by King Epic, you can find his Bangkok Travel guide by clicking this link. Have a question for him? Leave a comment below

If you're thinking about moving to Thailand and need help or advice, check out my Online Nomad Group by clicking here.


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