Shoring in Thailand

Shoring in Thailand is the term used when you sleep with a hooker without paying for sex.

I’ve seen some people class this as ‘rape’ because they believe the shore-ee tricked the girl into thinking he was going to pay but didn’t. Others call it game or being an alpha male because they needn’t have to pay for sex.

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Depending on the situation, I can agree with both sides to some extent. The R word is a bit extreme though, I would not say it’s that. (in before social justice warriors).

Where can you shore in Thailand?

Shoring means to get a girl without paying her for sexual services. This will most likely be at an afterhours club like Insanity or maybe even Levels and the such on Soi 11.

You will also find a small % of Thai hookers on dating websites like Thai Cupid who you can try and sleep with for free.

Shopping malls and day-time places are generally bad to shore in Thailand, so are normal Bangkok nightclubs like Route 66, Funky Villa and Onyx as most girls there are not hookers.

Do I shore?

I personally don’t see the point.

If you want to meet girls without having to pay for it, Thai Friendly is awesome.

Put me in a nightclub and if I’m not totally f****ed out my head sideways, I’ll pretty much always be able to spot a Thai prostitute from a regular girl. My thought process is simple:

Do I want to pay for sex or not?

If the answer is yes, I’ll proceed to moonwalk towards the prostitute.

If the answer is no, I’ll proceed to pop and lock towards the normal Thai girl.
poplockingUsing either dance move, one things for sure – I won’t be going home alone.

Personally I’ve never seen the reason to try and convince a prostitute to sleep with me for free.

Hookers in Bangkok clubs are working

I’ve read a few business books, I understand that time is money and that these girls are working (hence the term working girl).

95% of prostitutes who visit after hours clubs are working to get a customer. That’s their job.

I don’t want to waste hours of their time to get a free lay, I respect their line of work and I’m not in the freebee business (unless it’s free restaurant/hotel reviews nom sayin?)
shoring in thailandCredit: Neajjean

I know they are working, if you live as a Bangkok expat for amount of amount you’ll know they are working too.

These girls go to after hours to make a living. On a very rare occasion will they be out for a friend’s birthday or celebration, and even then she may still be on the lookout for a paying customers.

Some working girls will actually like you

I’ve seen in some cases where a working girl clearly liked a friend, and after a 4 hour sweat fest in Insanity nightclub they go to the outdoor restaurant, eat food, have fun and look almost like boyfriend and girlfriend.

But remember this is the girl’s job. She wants to go with nice guys because who likes a douche bag?

Just because she is being very friendly and nice doesn’t mean it’s free. All Thai girls are nice and friendly regardless of their occupation.

Don’t consider this a green light for a free lay.

For example, I like all the clients I work with, but you don’t see me giving them several hours of my working time for free.

The gold digger

There are a few exceptions though, these are the working girls who have several sponsors and no longer need to work in a go go bar or support themselves.

These girls are not working and even though it’s very apparent they have rich boyfriends who send them money each month, these girls just want to have a good time and won’t ask you for money.

If you want to sleep with hookers and not pay for it, this is the niche you want to go for.

Should you shore in Thailand or not?

You can do whatever you like.

My advice is this: just ask a girl before you take her back to you room what the deal is, or if you don’t want to bring that up, just leave 1,000 baht note somewhere obvious and see if she takes it.

This is Thailand and Thai working girls won’t always ask you for money as in many cases they think you know the score. Ever heard the story about the Thai girl who never left someone’s room after a one night stand? It’s because she was waiting for him to pay but she didn’t want to bring it up to lose face.

What do you think about shoring?

I’d be interested to hear what you guys think about shoring in Thailand? Do you do it, do you prefer to pay or do you just ignore hookers all together?

PS: I’m doing a question and answer blog post soon, feel free contact me and ask me 1-2 questions you’d love answered about Thailand which I will feature in an upcoming blog. You can contact me here.

25 thoughts on “Shoring in Thailand

  1. Peter
    10 January, 2016 at 9:20 am

    “shoring” is for losers

    first of all why even waste your time “gaming” a hooker if you can just pay her. If you’re so alpha why not get a normal girl who’s not a prostitute?

    second lots of these uber-alphas just refuse to pay while some of these girls are too shy to ask for money or make a big scene. I’ve seen guys go to hooker clubs and then act all dumb when a girl wants payment. you have to be a complete scumbag and loser to do something like this IMO

    1. 10 January, 2016 at 9:44 am

      If you’re new to Thailand and get sent to an after ours like Spicy a lot of people don’t know that the girls are hookers.A few of my friends were a little shocked at some of the places.

      Expats is another story though.

    2. nRon
      10 January, 2016 at 4:33 pm

      I don’t get the whole alpha thing period! Life doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game…I’ve actually befriended a few really sweet working girls and I wouldn’t mind at all getting a call for help if one of them needed assistance with a non-paying punk ass bitch! Let’s just see who’s the real alpha 😉

      1. 10 January, 2016 at 4:42 pm

        Haha, I guess I better pay all my women then :D.

  2. 10 January, 2016 at 9:32 am

    PUA are usually on a tight budget and with a lack of options for some free pussy they will pretend to the working girl after the deed is done that they not know, they never pay for sex. In reality we all pay for pussy directly or indirectly.

    The other situation is that some working girls are so heavily sponsored by schmucks back at home that they dont need the money and when they are bored and no sponsors are in town they can go out and pick and choose. Sometimes the two meet and the PUA brags about never paying for it. lmfao

    1. 10 January, 2016 at 9:45 am

      Yes I forgot about the sponsored girl, some girls just love to drink and go out, god I wish I had a better eye at spotting them :D.

  3. yolobkk
    10 January, 2016 at 10:15 am

    The thing is, if the girl is selling something, it’s HER job to let the maybe-customer know what the deal is. And she should do it ASAP when meeting the guy, if she doesnt want to waste her time, and the guy’s time.
    If she is too shy or whatever, then she should just consider changing her job.

    1. 10 January, 2016 at 10:38 am

      This is Thailand and things don’t work that way, but I agree it would be so much easier if they told you off the bat.

      Had to delete the rest of your comment as it was an obvious troll to get people to bite ;).

  4. HarrisWatch
    10 January, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Check out Harris Black, Google his name. He is a disgrace and well known for running before the girl wakes up to not pay his bill or giving her fake currency. He wrote an article on stickman on how to get away with it.

  5. jamie
    10 January, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    A couple of years back I was staying at a friend’s house in Chalong. I took a P4P back one night, and afterward told her if she wanted to come again, to just show up after work. She did the next night. I left a 500 baht note and five 100 baht notes on the table. She never took more than 300, and this went on for the duration of my stay.

  6. Pat
    10 January, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    I knew a few mates who came on a two week trip and told everyone on their return that they’d ”pulled loads of stunners” down Soi Cowboy.every night.. I didn’t burst their illusion.

    Shoring is for cheap guys who can’t do the chasing and dating required to find a decent GF. They’re usually alcoholics or drug addicts so embrace the lowlife life

    They wouldn’t have any hope in any normal environment

  7. 11 January, 2016 at 1:27 am

    Never heard that term before, but, yeah I’ve done it, more than once. One occassion last year, it was 5am on a Sunday morning, I was using WeChat the night before, some bored freelancer who couldn’t bothered to work that night responded to my message at 4.40am. She didn’t live far away, so I invited her over, she sat talking for about an hour, whilst I drank a couple of cans of Leo. Anyway, I had some fun, she seemed happy, she didn’t ask for any baht, so I didn’t give her any. I did message her again a week later, no reply, “farang kee neow mak mak”

  8. Pat
    11 January, 2016 at 4:00 am

    Many blokes seem to think they are getting some amazing privilege by getting it from whores for free, and boast about it.

    Maybe the hoes are doing it because he is some amazing lover in bed, a far cry and welcome change from the procession of short times she normally does.

    Maybe he has a huge cock the girls can’t resist.

    I doubt it, though.

  9. R-dawg
    11 January, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    Not paying for a service is not being an “alpha” male. Being an alpha male doesn’t mean you have to cheat. Alpha male just means you are in charge of the situation. If you don’t want to pay for something you don’t have to steal from someone else (which is what not paying someone for their service is – stealing)

  10. dobber
    11 January, 2016 at 10:35 pm

    I accidentally did this once….she was a massage girl…paid her twice at her place…on my last day in bkk she sent me a message wanting to come over before work. I said sure but I dont have any money….she came we banged i said no money and she was PISSED! I dont know maybe something was lost in the translation….but like Harvie says probably a good idea to always leave some baht on the table that way everybody has a chance to save face.

  11. Pat
    12 January, 2016 at 3:58 am

    Shagged a nice bird I met at Route 66 RCA, next evening she’s waiting outside my block telling me I owe her 30k for her ””companionship”’ and that a friend was waiting nearby in case I refused.For a few minutes I envisaged myself being stabbed and I considered paying

    Then I realised I was being played like a punkass muthaf**ka

    I asked security to forcibly remove her from the complex.

    I gathered there was no mates waiting nearby

    Was never entirely sure if she was a full time hoe or just an oppourtunist.

    Thai females = watch out, even the ‘normal’ ones!!!!

    1. 12 January, 2016 at 4:11 am

      Damn you must have been a baller popping bottles in RCA then if she was asking for 30,000b lol.

  12. Pat
    12 January, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    ^She was most probably listening to one of her mates who told her the usual ”’all farang are rich”’ rubbish that most Thais still subscribe to, even in this day and age.

    1. Maxi
      16 January, 2016 at 3:27 am

      Yes we must do something to change this idea of all farangs are rich, many come here cse cheaper living than there…..
      Thai ppl much more rich than we are.

  13. Maxi
    16 January, 2016 at 3:21 am

    There are some cases when I was lucky not to pay directly, but then you pay for the dinner and the drinks.
    But what make me slways think is the attitude of the girls……they all think that asking money for having sex with you is something normal and not against any morality or law. We all come from countries where or for religious or for official laws the payment for sex is illegal or against the morality and where woman consider to be paid for sex as an offence to their integrity cause femminist moovements had been fighting long time for freedom of the woman so that’s why somebody is shocked when they ask money.
    But as a matter of fact we all come here cause of this differences between our country and this country and for the fun we can have and feel here and every thing in life has it’s price……in one way or an other.
    Better to stay in our country and pay 45% of total taxes per year like I did for 35 years untill jobless and couldn’t get even one cent of pension or stay here and pay 1000 baht just when you want or decide to have a nice bful girl of your choice? Just think the face of which politician your money will go as salary and maybe you get already the answer.
    Goog f…luck to everybody…..

  14. Pat
    16 January, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    I shagged a procession of Uni students who were just grateful to stay with me in a luxury condo. I bought them a few small things and they certainly didn’t have money on their mind

    But they’re a whole different class to the money hunting women who expect to be paid for lying under me feigning pleasure and calling me ”’darling”

  15. Jon
    17 January, 2016 at 1:31 am

    Reading lifestyle and dating advice from a naive, 20-something expat is hilarious and cringeworthy all at the same time.

  16. Pat
    17 January, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    ^^Not me, I’m 42

  17. Scandibro
    25 February, 2016 at 12:15 am

    I don’t think it is always easy to tell the freelancers in a place like Levels apart from the farang hunters. Or rather many farang hunters dress and act quite similar to some of the ‘classier’ working girls.

  18. 13 March, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    In my experience and my friends sometimes it happens. What I mean by that:

    When once I was with my friend on Asoke open bars lady wanted from my friend 3000 Baht for an hour. Then we came back home and he took her number and next day was texting with her. That was Monday so Asoke and Nana open bars are closed. After some time texting he met with her and spend night with her. That’s because she was not at work she didn’t want money for this.

    In my experience I had many proposals from girls from Asoke to spend time with them after work and do whatever I like for free because I am good for them:) One of them even invite me to her really nice friend where I spend all night. It was only because she wanted me to be happy so she organize meeting with her really hot friend and then after hour left room.

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