About Me

I am just a regular guy who decided to go traveling without a plan back in 2012, I have spent over a year in Thailand working online and taking a break. I am currently on a WHV in Australia where I expect up until October 2014 where I will make my next move. My style of travel is usually staying in one area for a period of time rather than jumping from place to place. I have self diagnosed dyslexic and don’t really proof read my blog posts, so I’m sorry for hat.

I try to add comedy value to my blog posts as much as I can, and try to offer helpful advice along with some dry humor. My blog is just a collection of stories and advice, and I will generally shift from blog posts about Australia and Thailand in no set order.

I try to live within a budget of $1,000 so this blog may be useful for the “shoe string” traveler as i believe the term is.

I decided against putting up a picture of myself, because the last time I did it, I got several hundred messages from girls which clogs up my e-mails. A few times a week I will update my Facebook fan page and twitter, so please feel free to add me on there, as I don’t have many friends on there at the moment.

Feel free to contact me if you want to advertise, or have any questions to ask. The best way to contact me is here.

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