Bali Nightlife Guide

For the past years, Bali nightlife has been a big hit in Indonesia thus we can already find a number of tourists visiting the island and as these tourists comes with a larger and larger number as time goes by, the locals were also able to adapt to these changes.

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As you stroll over the island and province of Bali today, you can already find a lot of attractions and touristy spots that you should definitely check as you visit the city such as their temples, museums, beaches and as well as the nightlife scene. As of the moment, the province is already considered as a world-class destination and that’s a big ‘thank you’ for Bali nightlife.

Wherever you are in Bali, you would definitely love the place especially if you are able to experience Bali nightlife and as you go through this article, you would surely see how vast Bali nightlife can offer you and that includes their clubs, bars and night markets.

Bali Nightlife and clubs:

Are you the person who loves to go partying all night long? Well, as long as you are in the premises of Bali, you won’t surely get bored in the place for you can also find a lot of clubs all over the province.

Mirror Bali Lounge and Club

You can find the club just right main Petitenget route of Seminyak. As you go over the place, what will first catch your attention is their interior design of Greek Cathedral-look that you can all over the walls of the club.

If you wanted to party in Mirror Bali Lounge and Club, you have to make sure that you are able to wear a good outfit for they too have a dress code which is a casual chic for the gents and ‘dress to impress’ for the ladies.

What also makes the club a famous one is for their DJs. Mirror Bali Lounge and Club was able to have both international and local DJs whom are able to bring the club’s aura a livelier and louder one. You can start partying in the club from 11pm up to 4am every Wednesdays to Saturday. They also have their VIP sections which you can book anytime.

bali nightlife

Sky Garden

Another famous and great club in Bali nightlife that can be found in Legian which made both locals and foreigners go partying till the sun rises. What I really love with this club is its different ranges of venues and experience for the night.

If you wanted to have a full stomach before you go partying, you can definitely try Sky Garden’s all you can eat buffets and not to mention that you can also avail their free flow beers in the said buffet. Since Sky Garden is operational from 6pm up until late, what you can eat here is only dinner.

Here in Sky Garden, you would surely have fun for as you enter the place, you can find eight pubs and clubs who are lining up on the same roof which gives you all the chance to go bar hopping in Bali.

Bounty Discotheque

You can also find Bounty Discotheque in Legian and if you are the person who wanted to get loose partying until dawn then you should definitely give Bounty Discotheque a visit. What you would surely like about the club is that it already have everything that you need from an expansive discotheque, a bar, international DJs and a restaurant to satisfy your cravings.

Bounty Discotheque do also have their wide variety of drinks and what really caught my attention in this place is that they serves cocktails in buckets which is actually unusual and a bucket of cocktail in the club costs IDR 60,000.

When you go to the club’s second deck, you will find their pool tables which made this Bali clubs a nicer one. You can visit Bounty Discotheque from 8pm up until 4am every day and finally experience a good Bali nightlife in Legian.

Koh Bali

Also one of Bali nightlife’s main hotspots that can be found in Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak. This Bali clubs are indeed one of the places where you can have fun partying through their techno, deep and regular house themes.g

When you get inside Koh Bali, you would eventually get amazed with their clubbing look which brings you to an underground club. As the club opens last 2015, it was able to commit that they will bring one of the best Bali nightlife scenes through their music and party themes that matches world class clubs.

If you wanted to breathe out after a long night inside the club, you can also spend some time in their terrace overlooking the streets of Seminyak. Koh Bali is operational from 10pm up to 4am every Thursday and 11pm until 5am every Friday and Saturday.


Seminyak is also the hometown of Jenja where you can find a two-floor restaurant, club and bar. Their club and bar are only operational from Wednesdays up to Sunday but you would surely have a time in Jenja with the help of their great DJs, music and sound system and their lighting too that are absolutely very impressive.

You would also definitely love Jenja’s restaurant that do offers a great menu of Middle Eastern dishes and Asian exotic menus too. Jenja’s restaurant was actually able to win an award for Top Chief Middle East 2012 which means that this Bali clubs can definitely give you a great meal for the night.

Bali Bars:

Bali nightlife does also have their bars and pubs which can also make your stay in Bali all worth it. Two of my favourite bars in Bali are the Old Man’s Beer Garden and HQ Beach Club that you too should also try when you’re in Bali.

Old Man’s Beer Garden

A bar that can be found in Cangu and also one of the best places for those who wanted to have a very relaxing time in Bali nightlife through the beachfront. The bar do also have a wide choices for their beers and for those who went to the bar with an empty stomach, you can also delight yourself with their salads and burgers.

HQ Beach Club

You can find HQ Beach Club in Kuta and as you check the place, you would see that it is more like a bar than a club. What’s great with this bar is its location where you can have a good view of the beach while having a good time with some friends. You can visit QH Beach Club every day from 9am up to 12mn.

Bali Night Markets:

I guess it’s pretty normal to find a few night markets when you are in the premises of Asia thus Bali do also have a number of night markets. One of the top night markets that I really love to visit when in Bali nightlife is the Sanur Night Market or the Pasar Malam Sindu.

The said night market has the best food stalls in Bali that would really make you love Bali more and more. Aside from the food stalls, you can also find a lot of stalls in the market selling clothes, shoes, souvenirs and many more.

Prostitution in Bali

Bali is actually doesn’t differ from the other countries and places in Asia thus finding a working girl here in Bali is not that hard. Prostitution in the province may be illegal but just like with other countries, the law isn’t that strict for it is indeed one of the reasons why tourists loves to go back and forth in the province.

Ones you are able to stroll along the streets of Bali, you would surely find a place that offers an ‘extra’ service and that includes the massage parlors and karaoke bars you can find in province. Although not all the Bali massage parlors and karaoke bars do have these, you can surely find a few when checking them out day or night.

If you wanted to find a place where you can have a good time with a working girl, you can simply ask someone from Bali such as the vendors and even the taxi driver. Finding a place in Bali to have sex is absolutely not a hard one but you should also make sure that you are able to keep your things safe is you don’t want to wake up in the morning without your wallet anymore.

Aside from these Bali working girls you should pay attention to, you should also try to avoid using illegal drugs in the province. Most of the places in Bali do offers illegal drugs such as the marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and many more thus being cautious and aware with Bali’s basic laws is a must when visiting the province if you don’t want to end up to one of Bali’s jail.

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Bali is indeed one of the best places in Asia to spend the upcoming holiday vacations and this Bali nightlife travel guide would surely help you decide what to do and where to go specially the Bali clubs ones you reach the province.

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