Category: Bangkok Nightlife

Funky Villa Nightclub

Funky Villa is a place where me and my ‘crew’ usually start off our nights. The girls are hot, the alcohol is cheap and the girls are hot. We usually get a 1 liter bottle of Vodka which is now 1,200 baht (used to be 1,000 baht), ice and some mixers for around 1,600 baht

Levels Nightclub Review

2012 Was the last time I visited Levels nightclub and back then it was pretty dead. Now it dubs itself as the ‘Number 1 nightclub in Sukhumvit’ To find out how to get laid in Bangkok for free, Check out this article. My friends were in town a few weeks ago and one of them

Sex in Thailand – Prices

Many people come to Thailand each year for the food, weather and girls. There are many places you can get sex in Thailand if you know where to look, or even if you just get lost. This article is to give you a brief overview of places or websites one can go and sex in

Onyx Nightclub Bangkok

Onyx nightclub is the new joint on the block in RCA. It’s basically the old venue Flix with a new name. Why did Flix get closed down? I don’t know but they decided to open Onyx about 50 meters away, playing the same music and tables. Entry is 400 baht and that gets you two