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Q&A with a Poker Player in Thailand

This interview was done with a online poker player in Thailand, who wishes to remain anonymous. I hope you all enjoy it and get a idea for what life for a poker player in Thailand is like. Anything written in red is by me. Want to get laid in Thailand for free, then read this

Thai Direction

One of my biggest annoyances in Bangkok other than the traffic, the pollution, the noise, the humidity and the congestion is what I call “Thai Direction” or lack of. I first thought the problem was a commutation issue, me with my lack of Thai skills, and their lack of English. This turned out not to

Types of Expats in Thailand

After living in Thailand for a year or so you come across many different types of expats, which one do you fall under? The school teacher The school teacher is the easiest type of expat to spot, found mostly on the BTS or MRT, wearing a badly fitted shirt a few sizes too big for

Bicycles in Bangkok

I am not currently in Thailand at the moment, although I will be shortly, but I’m still trying to update my blog weekly each Sunday, I cant really talk about anything interesting so I thought I would share my knowledge on bikes in Thailand, bicycles, where to buy bicycles in Bangkok and some helpful tips

Gyms in Bangkok

On my facebook page (thats a plug for you to like my page), I got asked about gyms in Bangkok and what the situation is, he asked the right guy. I lift more than a fork lift and have more mass on my body than the planet Pluto.   Gyms in Bangkok Cali Wow The