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Gyms in Bangkok

On my facebook page (thats a plug for you to like my page), I got asked about gyms in Bangkok and what the situation is, he asked the right guy. I lift more than a fork lift and have more mass on my body than the planet Pluto.   Gyms in Bangkok Cali Wow The

My Monthly budget in Bangkok

Every month that I live in Bangkok, I  note down every baht spent, and with my gathered information I will try and give a breakdown of the cost of living in Bangkok. Unlike your average Bangkok expat, my needs are fewer and as a result I manage to spend a lot less, so this is the lower end

Thai Visa Runs

Hey Guys, If you play on staying in Thailand for any serious amount of time, there is no doubt you will have to do a Thai visa run. The company I will be reviewing today is Bangkok Buddy, formally known as Jacks Golf . They leave at 5am for Korea town in Soi 12. This

Visas for Thailand

A question that gets often alot is “what visa do I need to enter Thailand?”. Well below I have listed what types you can get. If any information is incorrect please tell me so I can adjust. Visa Free Waiver Visa Free Waiver Depending on what nationality you are, you can get a Visa exemption