Indonesian Cupid Review – Getting Girls The Easy Way

If you’re planning on coming to Indonesian to meet girls and have a good time, you’ve landed on the right page.

If you’re a white male and want to get laid for free, then keep on reading.

Indonesian cupid

What is Indonesian cupid?

Indonesian cupid is the biggest online dating site in Indonesian.

If you want to setup dates before you land or meet girls who are down to meeting western guys, it’s your best option.

Remember that Indonesia is a Muslim country and most of the girls are not allowed to meet guys or have sex before marriage.

Unless you can spot a Muslim girl by just looking at them, you’ll have a very hard time meeting Indonesian girls who you can date and take back to your room by simply going out and approaching them at malls.

Indonesian cupid is a great solution because it’s only used by Indonesian girls who want to meet western guys, and many of them can speak English.

Local Indonesian guys do not use the website, and Indonesian girls only use it to meet western guys.

My experiences using this site

Whenever I go on holiday alone or with my friends, the first thing I’ll do is login to the country’s bggest online dating site and take a look around.

If I’m traveling along it’s a great way to setup dates with girls and even ask them to be my personal tour guide. When I was in Jakarta I messaged 8 girls and setup dates with all of them.

I asked one if she wanted our first date to be a mini tour of Jakarta because I don’t know my way around and she loved the idea.

Indonesian Girls

Girls are super friendly and will usually message you first. You don’t have to be good looking or anything like that, just upload a few pictures in respectable clothing. Avoid wearing vests and t-shirts in your profile pictures.

Put on a dress-shirt or a nice t-shirt and jeans and upload them. Then wait to be flooded with messages.

What types of girls are on there?

Around 90% of all girls on the dating site are regular hard-working girls.

Some work office jobs, others are at university with everyone else in between. There’s really hot girls, there’s good looking girls, and there’s some downright ugly girls.

About 10% of the pool of girls are either hookers or ladyboys, but they will make that apparent straight away in their profile.

Indonesian cupid

I was In Jakarta last year for 2 weeks and in that space of time managed to score with 6 girls in 14 days using Indonesian cupid. If you’re heading to Bali, Jakarta or any of the smaller cities, Indonesian cupid is a great way to meet chicks.


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