Indonesian Girls – The Inside Story

The worlds largest chain of paradise island and hottest Indonesian girls.

This article is a guest post written by G Freedom.

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30,000 or 70,000 depending who you ask. Nice tropical islands with hot volcanoes, unspoiled tropical reef and staggered rice paddies climbing into the clouds.

And some of the hottest Indonesian girls on the planet.

I first arrived in Indonesia in 2007 planning to spend a year here teaching English and writing a novel. Here I am 7 years later, the book still isn’t done but there have been many epic adventures since with plenty of Indonesian girls along the way.

Oh and lots and lots of fun hookups with stunningly beautiful Indonesian women.

Indonesian girls have it all – looks, charm and a fun-loving attitude. They have the unrivaled ability to make you fall for them, dreaming of spending your life savings to build a house in a rice paddy in central Java.

Just so you can keep receiving all the benefits that come from having an Indonesian woman in your life.

Indonesian Girls

So after 7 years of this I’ve decided to write a guide to Indonesian girls. How to meet them, how to charm them and if/when to make them your girl or girlfriend.

Welcome to 150 million Indonesian women. 50 million of whom are gorgeous and 49.99 million of whom will be keen to meet up, chat, and maybe even hook up with an expat.

A Word of Caution

Before you come to Indonesia with pockets full of dollars and a suitcase of condoms. You should be aware that sex before marriage is technically illegal in this country.

It happens A LOT. But you should make an effort to keep things under wraps if you do meet a special little Indonesian lady you want to shack up with. Which also happens A LOT. You should know the law and have the appropriate papers.

Indonesia is a Muslim nation. While it is 100% safe and very liberal there are always kill joys on a power trip who what to make the Western infidel pay. You definitely do not want to be doing any form of public shagging, beach groping or french kissing. Just show respect and you will be fine.

Enough of the boring legal stuff. Indonesia is arguably one of the most under rated destinations on the planet. Living here for seven years I’ve never had so much fun. It is, under the surface, a very, very naughty place.

Where to Meet Indonesian Girls

The first place I would suggest meeting Indonesian girls is on dating sites. Indonesian Cupid seems to be the most popular with tons of hot Indonesian girls who will be more than happy to meet. You would be best off pipe lining dates a few weeks before you arrive so you can get going as soon as you land.

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Be warned that like all Asian dating sites, there are a small percentage of hookers. They will be easy to spot usually. You can block them and focus your time on normal Indonesian girls.

Outside of online

What you will notice as soon as you set foot in Indonesia is that there are young, attractive Indonesian women absolutely everywhere.

Indonesia has a very young population with 300 million people. If you are coming from a nation that isn’t so populated you can feel like you have been handed the key to another realm. Where pretty Indonesian girls in droves are walking around and lots of them are paying attention to you openly and overtly.

Unlike Thailand, Cambodia and other destinations in Asia. outside of Bali Westerners are still a rarity here. Indonesia is a huge country and doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of travelers as other more popular places do. Since most backpackers are too broke to buy a flight and the visa is limited to 30 days.

This of course works to the magical advantage of those who do have the money. If you are willing to spend and are willing to come to this great country – you enjoy its delights.


Meeting Indonesian women isn’t hard at all because they are everywhere. At all times and I can personally guarantee you they are some of the friendliest, most approachable women in the world.

Nobody will blow you off or make you feel bad for starting a conversation. Often they will attempt to start the conversation with you. Even if it goes no further than that there will never be any rudeness or ice-queen blow offs. Unless you are a lecherous drunk and come on too strong.

In Jakarta and Bali there are endless bars, nightclubs and coffee shops where you could easily offer to buy an Indonesian girl a drink. (The universal signal for “I want to have sex with you, are you interested?”).

Malls with truck loads of single Indonesian ladies dressed to the nines. Some are hoping you have the actual balls to walk up and ask them on a date.

Good night clubs in Jakarta are X2, Red Square or Blowfish. For good expat friendly bars and live music check out Eastern Promise or Star Deli.

So now you know where to meet the ladies, what should you be expecting?

Cultural Dating Norms

There are plenty of young, free women in Indonesia who are into casually hooking up and expect no boy friend what so ever. They’re what’s known locally as “ayam” (chickens). You’ll find them in every club, bar and 5 star hotel known to be frequented by expats.

They aren’t hookers looking for a payday, but more likely are just out to have no strings attached fun. Keep in mind they will want you to pay for drinks and a taxi home.

If f you do start seeing a woman often there are two things you need to be aware of. It is said that if an Indonesian woman goes on a third date with you, she has already decided you are fit to be a husband in the future.

It’s possibly exaggerated but you need to be aware that things move a lot faster here than in Western countries.By date 4 or 5 you are in solid relationship territory.

Meeting the parents and family is an absolutely clear signal that you intend to get married. Do not do this unless you are serious with her. Indonesian families do not approve of nor want their daughters bringing back multiple boyfriends to the house. If your Indonesian girl invites you over, think twice before accepting.

There is a cultural game going on here that most do not know about.

If you do happen to find a “nice girl” who has never met a Western man before and is from rural Indonesia, play nice. If you deflower her and aren’t interested in anything long-term you are literally ending her chances of ever finding a husband at home.

I’ve witnessed this go badly wrong more times than I want to think about. These hot little sex kittens are also real human beings with hopes and dreams. Remember that.

If you want to go on an absolute endless fucking spree, stick with the liberal Indonesian girls in Jakarta, Bali and tourist areas. They know what they’re getting into and it’s all above-board. Half of them have a list of dozens of expats on their phones anyhow. That way it’s all fair play.

How to Pull Indonesian women

Indonesian women are no different from women the world over when it comes to the how-to. Be funny, tease them, push-pull them, buy them a few drinks, be a gentleman but don’t be weak. It’s the same everywhere in the world and if you don’t know that, you should read up about it.

One thing that is absolutely massive here is text game. You need to be using BBM or an Android or you are missing out on potentially thousands of Indonesian girls. People are glued to their phones here 24/7 to the extent it is like a part of their bodies. To be effective in the dating game you need to be connected.

Apart from that just follow all the normal rules – dress well, be cleaned, brush your molars and make her laugh. The rest is as easy as pie to find yourself a nice Indonesian girl.

Enjoy Yourself But Don’t Be a Sucker

Indonesia is one of the best yet most under rated countries on earth. I was unsure I even wanted to write this. I don’t want people to know about it so I can keep it for myself and the few others who are here.

However here it is.You’ll have more fun here than you can imagine. Just don’t go in like a blind idiot and fall in love with the first hooker you meet at a bar or you’re asking for a world of pain.

Have fun, but as with everywhere in Asia, keep your eyes wide open and I hope you meet hundreds of sexy Indonesian girls. If you think I missed something out please leave a comment below.

If you want to meet sexy Indonesian Girls for free, then check out this article.

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