Kuta Nightlife Guide for Tourists

In this article I list the best clubs and bars in the Kuta Nightlife.

Bali is now one of the perfect places in Asia to spend the holiday vacations and as you tour Bali, you surely wanted to find the best place in the province where you can surely have fun for the next few days of your stay here. As you tour around Bali, you can definitely appreciate its beauty specially the city’s beaches.

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Well, one of the best places in Bali where you can certainly make the most of your stay in the province is in Kuta. You can find Kuta in the southern part of Bali, Indonesia and as you stroll around the beach of Kuta, you would definitely love everything that it can offer you specially Kuta nightlife scene.

Kuta Clubs, Bars and Pubs

Kuta today can already give you a lot of things to do at night and that includes the bars, pubs and clubs in Kuta. If you wanted to know on where to go when in Kuta, then you definitely have to choose with the following seven bars, pubs and clubs in the beach.

Deejay Club

This club is actually easy to find it is located just behind of Kuta Station Hotel. What you can find in Deejay Club aside from the dance floor and great DJs is the bowling alley right next door that would definitely make your stay in the beach and Kuta clubs the best one.

The club is also the house for the top DJs in town such as Noldy, Jaux Ion and Tra’Billo. If you wanted to do the partying a merrier one, you can have a beer from the club anytime which costs IDR 75,000. The club is indeed very full often times with both the locals and foreigners and if you wanted to meet new people especially ladies in Kuta, you can surely find one here in Deejay Club.

Deejay Club is open from Wednesdays up to Sundays from 3pm up to 6am which give you all the time to go partying till the sun rises in Kuta nightlife. The club is definitely the perfect place for those who love to go partying and dancing the night through the club’s big dance floor for everybody.

Paddy’s Pub

If Deejay club is the place for people who wants to party then Paddy’s Pub is the place for those who wanted to have a relaxing Kuta nightlife experience. Aside from a place where you can hang out to, Paddy’s Pub do also for those who loves sports for they have their live show for different kinds of sports.

If you happen to came to the pub with a thirsty mouth then you can try their long island iced tea which was said as the best not just in Kuta clubs and nightlife but also in Bali. The said iced tea good for those who are will their friends for it is composed of five glasses of iced tea that costs IDR 149,000. They also have their jagerbombs that costs IDR 85,000 per serving which is also a must try when you are in the pub.

Paddy’s Pub is operational from 5pm up to 3:30am every day and aside from the food and drinks, you can also visit the pub at these times for their great choice of music that would really make you dance on their dance floor.

Hypnotized Club

The club is also one of the best Kuta clubs where you can absolutely bring some friends with you to have a fun and wild Kuta nightlife experience. Hypnotized Club can be found in the building’s rooftop which leaves you all the chance to have a very beautiful view of the sunset.

You can also dine here in Hypnotized Club where you can try their Asian cuisines which I really love here in Kuta and after having a good meal in their restaurant, you and your friends can already proceed the club’s main party area. While having a nice night in the club, you can also try their drinks from the beer and cocktails.

Just like with other clubs and bars in Kuta nightlife, Hypnotized Club do also have their own DJs which can also make the night in Kuta a very fun and mad one. You can actually party in Hypnotized Club only during Wednesdays to Sunday and that starts from 9pm up until 3am.

Engine Room

This club is actually one of the biggest in Kuta nightlife where you can find a three-storey nightclub and Engine Room is considered as one of the first stop party goes go to for they open earlier compared to other Kuta clubs and party venues.

As you visit Engine Room, you would surely have fun on their dance floor through the help of their resident DJs which are good when it comes to turning the music in the place a wild one. The club is the usual world-class clubs where you can find vivid lasers, LED fixtures and disco balls.

I also love the staffs here in Engine Room who are very friendly and tries to get along with the guests whether you are a local or expat. You may also want to try the club’s happy hour where you can avail a two glass of drink for a price of one. Engine Room is open from 4pm until 4am everyday thus feels free to visit the club when you are in Kuta anytime.

Stark Beer Garden

You can find this bar in Kuta just right in J Boutique Hotel with an open view of the streets of Kuta which made the place a very relaxing one for those who wants to chill out. Stark Beer Garden by the way is the only place in Bali where you can find beer that is brewed on the exact bar.

Beers here in Stark Beer Garden is indeed one of the best in Kuta nightlife which made the place getting a good name these past years. You can also experience a good live music in the place which they also have often times. The bar is open from 11am until 1am thus they serves not just beers but also lunch and dinner.

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Pyramid Club

If you are the person who’d like to go partying till the sun raises then you should try Pyramid Club. As you enter the club, you would eventually find the centerpiece bar where you can get a glass of beer or a wide selection of cocktails and liqueurs. They also have their cocktail tables where you can chill out with some friends.

You can also find a number of international DJs who have been running Pyramid Club’s great party scene for the past years such as those who are from Singapore, UK, Spain and Greece. Aside from these DJs you can also find a lot of girls from the club whom would roam around the club with their sexy bikinis which made everybody love the club even more.

kuta nightlife

This club in Kuta is operational late at night which starts from 10:30pm up until 6am everyday which made the club indeed very perfect for the night owls who wanted to spend the whole night until dawn in the club.

Hard Rock Cafe Bali

This bar is actually a known one in Kuta nightlife where you can both have a good dinner and entertainment at the same place. If you wanted to make sure that you will get your own space ones you are already in the place, you can also ask for a reservation before bringing your friends and even family for a good lunch or dinner in Katu.

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What you can have in their restaurant are their burgers, grilled wild salmon, steak and many more choices of food that are indeed very mouth-watering. Hard Rock Cafe Bali can be visited from 11:30am to 1am and could stay up to 2am during weekends.

Kuta Night Market

Just like with other beaches in Bali, you can also have a fun Kuta nightlife to Kuta Night Market where you can find almost everything that you’ve been looking for. Kuta Night Market starts to get busy with all the stalls in the area from 6pm until 11pm.

What you can find in Kuta Night Market are their food stalls, clothes, shoes, souvenirs and many more. You would surely love the food Kuta Night Market has to offer you for they serves local food that you’ve never tasted from other countries in Asia or even in the cities of Indonesia.

Kuta is indeed one of the best places you can visit when in Bali and also Indonesia and if you wanted to have fun in your holiday vacation, you can surely do it when you are in the beach. You would also appreciate the hospitality of the locals which can make your stay in Kuta a nicer one.

This Kuta nightlife guide can indeed help you stroll around the beach but if you wish to try other bars, clubs, pubs and other Kuta nightlife scenes, you can surely do the exploring and don’t forget to enjoy every bit of Kuta Beach and have fun!

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