5 Best Ladyboy Go Go Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok’s nightlife has something to offer everyone, even ladyboy go go bars. Neon lights on the streets feel like it is the holiday’s all-year round. Moving on to a more serious topic, if you are in Bangkok and looking for a ladyboy bar this is the article to read.

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Majority of ladyboy go go bars are located in Nana Plaza but there are still some places that has it however, you can’t consider it as one of the best.

Here is my list of the top 5 ladyboy clubs in Bangkok:

1. Obsession

The place is now called True Obsession.

This tops my list for the best ladyboy bar in Bangkok and it is located at the ground floor of Nana Plaza.

If you are a novice in the Bangkok ladyboy club scene, this is probably not the best place to gain your first experience.

The space is large enough and has dancing poles and a center stage. There are also rotating stages so that you can be able to see all of the ladyboys there.

If you can be able to work your way around if you get mobbed by two or three ladyboys to buy them drinks, then perhaps you can be able to survive. Beer costs about 150 baht and ladies drink costs about the same price.

The talents at these premiered ladyboy bar can speak excellent English and a little bit of Nihonggo so any farang can be able to enjoy hanging out with them.

2. Cockatoo

Located in Soi Cowboy, this sole ladyboy club on the strip is famous among Japanese tourist because of its girls who don the cute Japanese girl look.

Another plus factor of this ladyboy bar is that it looks quite decent and clean compared to its contemporaries.

I would rather say that this is quite good for first timers. The price is fair and fixed according to its menu so you don’t have worry about getting all ripped off with surprising bar or drink charges just a little bit of surprise about the girls though!

ladyboy club bangkok

The place is a little bit small which allows you to become closer to the girls – that depends on how you will look at it if getting too close is good or bad, I will just leave it to you.

3. Charades Ladyboy Club

Charades is formerly known as Cascades located at the 3rd floor of Nana Plaza. This ladyboy bar has decent looking ladies but are somewhat categorized in 3 groups: the young, small and cute ladyboys (naïve looking); the slightly taller and more flirtatious type (someone who seems to have the “experience”); and the shemale or Amazonian type.


This is also another ladyboy club where you won’t get shocked with unexpected bill charges and beer costs about 150 baht. Now I am no interior designer or aficionado, but the place’s design is quite unique and okay. It is also spacious which makes it a great place to hang out when you are on the hunt for ladyboys, in case you want to take them someplace else.

4. King’s Castle III

This is like a gem hidden – considering where it is located where there is several hearsay about show and price scams King’s Castle III is one of the best ladyboy bar that you can find in Patpong. Most of the girls here are educated and can speak English quite fairly.

As you enter the establishment, you wouldn’t even notice that this is a ladyboy club. Ladyboys look really feminine with tall and slender features and can strike up a good conversation and not just your usual “what’s your name?” or “where are you from?”

What’s good about this place is that the girls won’t even pressure you at all and work really hard in order for you to have a good time. Beers cost about 120 baht while ladies drink costs about 100 baht, which I think doesn’t really sound so bad after all.

5. Darkside Bangkok Ladyboy Bar

According to their website, Darkside has been voted as the best ladyboy bar in Bangkok which has piqued my interest so I have decided to have a little field trip to do my own research.

It is strategically located in Sukhumvit Soi 33 which is also known as the Artist’s Soi. Why strategic? It is because if you are more of a discreet person and would want to venture into the ladyboy experience then Darkside is probably your best bet. It is a good bar and quite spacious plus their amenities are laid back. Beers are fairly priced at 110 to 120 baht so it is not so bad after all.

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