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How It Feels To Leave Thailand

A few months ago I took the trip back to England to visit family and friends. I’d just spent 13 months in Bangkok and I needed a ‘system clean out’. If you stay in Thailand for a prolonged period of time without going back home, I believe it’s a lot harder to mix with friends

How Much Do You Drink In Thailand?

I regularly talk to my best friends in England and they’ll often ask me what crazy and wacky shit I have got up to in Thailand that week. Over the last year or so my reply to their questions has been something along the lines of this: “Mostly reading books, playing badminton and jerking off

BounceInc Thailand Mini Reivew

As I’m slowing starting to shy away from going out to clubs in Bangkok, I’m always looking for more activities to do that don’t include drinking alcohol. A few weeks ago an advert landed on my Facebook feed about Bounce Thailand ( It looked cool and the price was pretty darn cheap to what I’d