Thai Visa Runs

Hey Guys, If you play on staying in Thailand for any serious amount of time, there is no doubt you will have to do a Thai visa run. The company I will be reviewing today is Bangkok Buddy, formally known as Jacks Golf . They leave at 5am for Korea town in Soi 12. This

Wonderful Ways to Save Money when in Thailand

1) Don’t over-tip or tip at all in some situations I cover this more in depth in the FAQ, but tipping is strange in Thailand, and it’s tough to ever really know what is appropriate.  Oftentimes,  is the most appropriate, so when in doubt I suppose you’ll save some baht.  And remember that, traditionally, Thailand

Kuroda, Japanese Sushi Buffet

Kuroda is a sushi buffet located on Sukhumvit Soi 63 in Ekkamai, it is about 70 meters walk from the bottom of the soi on the left.Price: 450baht per person, no time limit (well I was there around 2.5hours and nobody told me to leave). Everything on the À la carte menu is available for