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A Farang Abroad Private Member’s Club

After getting dozens of message every day on a range of subject, I’ve decided to create a Private Member’s Club for my website, where you can ask me and others questions about your holiday or long-term stay in Bangkok. Who is this Club For? This club is for anyone planning a holiday to Thailand or

Beginner’s Guide To Sex in Phuket

Phuket is one of the islands found in Thailand and is actually the largest one which makes it attracts more tourists and even locals to visit the place. If you want to meet Phuket girls for free, read this article. What people love about the place are there white sand beaches, diving spots, great and

Finding Prostitutes and Hookers in Phuket

Tourist attractions such as beaches and shopping usually what drives tourist to travel into a certain place. If you want to meet girls for free in Phuket, then check out this article. Thailand has both and some. In Phuket, prostitution is one of them. It is easy to hook up with a hooker or prostitutes

Best Go Go Bars in Phuket

Go go bars are just one of the places that attract male tourists in Phuket. Imagine yourself having a bottle of cold beer while you watch these attractive and slim Thai girls shaking their asses off in front of you. If you want to meet girls for free in Phuket, then check out this article.

Where to Find Sex Massages In Phuket

You are a first-time male tourist in Phuket but you have had your read about Thai girls and crazy parties going on this side of the world. If you want to meet Patong girls for free, then check out this article. But you have never had the taste of Phuket’s infamous side – sex massage.