Sex in Bangkok – Where To Go

In this article I will discuss the best places to get sex in Bangkok. I will be talking about both paid and free options, what the going rate is and everything you need to know about getting sex in Bangkok on your first trip.

Want to get laid in Bangkok for free, then read this article.

Top 5 ways to get sex

1. Dating sites

The more guys come here the more they realize that pipe lining (setting up dates) before they come to Bangkok is best way to get sex in Bangkok for free. Joining sites such as Thai Friendly you can quickly have 30-50 girls message you if you sign up for a paying membership.

Meet Thai girls

Post a few pictures of yourself in well dressed clothes and start talking to a few girls and organize dates when you arrive. Using dating sites in Thailand is nothing like back home. If you get the paid membership that puts your profile on the first page, as long as you have white skin you will get at least 10-30 message a day.

Read this to see my review of Thai Friendly.

2. Smooci

If you’re here on holiday or business and want a discreet way of meeting hot girls, then Smooci is by far the best way in Bangkok to get sex. Using their online website you can book any of their escorts and they will visit you in your hotel or apartment. Prices start from around 3,000b upwards:

Smooci bangkok

Once booked, you can use Google Maps to track her location giving you enough time to get ready and ensure that she is actually coming. You can view their range of girls by visitng their website:

3. Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong

If you go to either of these you will be expected to pay. Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong are the three main red light districts in Bangkok. Cowboy and Nana are located pretty close to each other and is than a 10 minute walk, while Patpong is a fair bit away and you will need a taxi.

On average bar fines start at 600-800 baht with the girls costing 2,000 for short-time and 3,000 or more for long time. Some clubs charge a 1,000 baht bar fine and as much as 3,000-4,000 for long time. It’s always best to ask the bar before you go and take a girl home.

Sex in Bangkok in the red light districts is usually pretty safe, the girls are tested every 3 months and they won’t steal from you as can go back to the bar and complain. Read this article to know more about Thai hookers.

4. Nightclubs

Getting sex in Bangkok for free is certainly a possibility in Bangkok nightclubs. Places such as Funky Villa, Route 66 and Onyx have a small amount of bar girls while Levels and Insanity is 90%+. If you want to get sex in Bangkok for free, then go to the bars mentioned above or meet up with a girl from Thai Friendly in the club.

how to get sex in bangkok

If you pick up a prostitute in one of the clubs, you don’t pay any bar fine. You should discuss with the girl before hand how much she wants otherwise she may end up asking for more than you would have liked to paid. On average prices start from 1,000 baht up. If the girl is really hot, 2,000 baht or more is not uncommon.

5. Massages

All sex massage in Bangkok cost money obviously. The amount you pay varies from place to place. For more information check out my posts on soapy massage in Bangkok, Nuru massages in Bangkok , Kapoo Clubs and massages in Bangkok.

If the massage is listed as 2,000 baht or so, this includes the sex. If the massage is labeled at 300 baht, this means you pay the girl in the room.The price is up for negotiation but is usually at least 1,300 baht.

Safe sex in Bangkok

I know a lot of people who do not use condoms when they have sex, even with hookers. I always advise everyone to use a condom when they sleep with someone for the first time. Even if you have sex in Bangkok for free by pulling a girl, still use a condom.

The STD and HIV rate in Bangkok is reality low and seldom do I here my friends catch anything. But nether the less always practice safe sex in Bangkok.

Want to get laid in Bangkok for free, then read this article.

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And there you have it! The lowdown on how to get sex in Bangkok. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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