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Fruit picking in Gatton

I never thought I would be making so many game changing posts about fruit picking in Gatton, but whada you know hey? You would think fruit picking in Oz would be an easy racket, do your hours, pick those Onions and go home right? Wrong! It’s a total mine field out there, everyone is waiting

How to find a job on a WHV

When finding a job on a WHV you need to know the conditions of your visa, for example you can’t work more than 6 months in one job, so don’t go applying for permanent office or factory jobs as you will most likely just be wasting your time. It took me less than 6 days

Picking Onions in Oz

This is a blog post I thought I would never write about, but being a man of the world, you learn many trades, it just happens I got stuck with gay modelling and picking onions in Oz. Oh well, it can only get better… If you want to earn some money picking onions in Oz keep