Introduction Part 1

Hello vicarious readers,

This blog will contain the trials and tribulations of my next trip outside the UK starting in Thailand on the 16th of July. No time scale is set, no plans are made, expect to hopefully find a job and relax. I will return when I either run out of money, feel like I want to come back, or the unbearably agony of being away from my mommy becomes just too damn much! I have worked out I have around 3 months to 1 years amount of spending money, depending on how I decide to live. The goal? to enjoy life.

“A little about the author”

I am 24, been living in the UK my whole life, I’m “degree educated” whatever the hell that means, seems every Jon, Duck and Barry has one nowadays. I have little interest in being productive, I just want to relax, laze about, enjoy life and have zero responsibilities. “As with great responsibilities, comes great stress”, I think a superhero was once told. Apparently this type of lifestyle is considered to be negative and unacceptable, according too my family and peers. They’d be more happy if I didn’t enjoy my life, worked the rest of my days on the “farm” and constantly worried about the future. I have little interest in owning property, having a well paid job, a nice car, expensive clothes, the latest iGadget to impress friends or anything else like that. So why bother too attain such pointless things?

I have saved a small amount of money, I don’t see what benefit I would get by accumulating more, its not like I’m going to put a deposit on a house….ever. Time to go and spend it on things I enjoy such as travelling, reading, training, seeing and experiencing new things such as ladyboys.

I keep getting asked the same questions by people I know, so I decided to do my introduction as a Q&A.

What are you going to do when you come back, what about jobs, and money?”

When I come back there will be a gap in my CV which now considers me “un-hireable” to employers. Because In these X amount of months away, I will have lost all key life skills in how to work within a business. Skills such as arse licking and backstabbing colleagues, I’m sure many of you have mastered these or been subjected to at some point.

I don’t really see much difference between a guy who works flipping burgers at BK for the minimum wage, or the banker who is earning £55k a year. They both only get about 20 days holiday a year off to live there life. The banker, sure has more money, and as a result lives a more “luxurious life”, but that life is not for me. Maybe if they both keep working hard enough they may be able to retire at 60 or 65. But 60s a bit late to start living life if you ask me.

“There is more for us in life than the nine to five work ethic and a life of clocks, finances, and shallow living.

But too answer the question, ill come back, get a job, save up some money and see what I want to do with my life. Maybe by then someone will have convinced me to do something stupid like get a mortgage or worse….get married!

“But your not thinking about your future…”

And your not thinking about life right now! All people seem to do is worry about there future and especially mine. Stop worrying about me, because I stopped worrying for the both of us along time ago.

People try to plan too much, when were 20, we think about were we want to be when were 30. When were 30, we think about what job, house and family we want by the time were 40 or 50. Then when were 70 we try too….oh wait were dead! Too much planning and not enough living for my liking.

I am extremely happy were I am right now, and in 10 years if I can make people smile, love and be loved, weather I have £10 in the bank or £100,000, I will be happy. If this is not the case, then ill just be content with life, I don’t ask or want much. Just food in my belly, and a roof over my head, anything else I take as a bonus. I could not given one single F*** about what people will think about me when I’m 45 and I haven’t “made something of my self”. I stopped caring what society or people think about me along time ago, and it feels pretty good.

I have had quite an easy life due to my parents hard work, always had food in my belly and a roof over my head, money if I ever needed it etc. They both work really hard and I’m grateful for it. But there is no way I could ever work that hard, not a chance in hell, that’s why I’m try to minimize the things I want in life. Its like a natural defense mechanism my body has produced, too stop me from the agony of work.

“My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions but in the fewness of my wants” Brotherton, J.

“But you will have to end up working sooner or later…”

Yes I know, I’m content and understand that, I don’t dislike work totally , I dislike the amount time we have to work in comparison to free time. I just want to balance the work/play ratios a bit more too what suit me. Its my life, why shouldn’t I? Working 85% of the year and having 15% off is not the right percentages to enjoy life, for me anyway. If anyone has mastered this, please tell me, while your at it, please inform he rest of the world too!

“Oh I know why your going Thailand you cheeky K***” 

This is the usual reply I get from the un-cultured half-wit who has never set foot outside there own street, idly believes all stereotypes about countries they have never visited. They think the £4.99 microwavable curry they just bought from Tesco is what a curry should taste like. This is the same type of person who gets amazed when they see a friends photo album and says “Oh my god, they have a MacDonald’s in Egypt too?”.

The place is cheap, food is great, has just the right amount of western/eastern influence mix (for me anyway), amazing beaches one end, impressive landscapes on the other end. Crossing the road has never been more fun, its like your actually playing the video game frogger, but if you get hit here, you die. Just from walking 5 minutes on a street, one could write a 10 page essay on what they saw, smelt, felt etc. That’s about 1% of the reason why I’m going to Thailand, the other 99% is because all the girls are hot!

“Don’t you like England?”

I don’t dislike England, its okay I guess, free healthcare (for now), on a good day we may get 12 degrees of sunshine and all of my 4 friends live here. The problem I find is there’s too many expenditures and taxes in this country that we have to pay for, its actually hard to save any money unless your not paying rent and bills.

One months living in England, could get you 1-4 months in Thailand depending on how luxurious you want to live. Theirs not much you can do it England either after a hard days work. On a cold day my friends say “Hey, lets go too the pub”, on a sunny day they say “Hey, lets go to the pub and sit in the beer garden”.

But the thing I love most about England is the pound sterling, it goes along way in every other country, but England!

“What if something goes wrong or you dont like it?”

So what? Ill just come back, not much will have changed, most of you just be in the same routine, doing the same stuff. The only thing that will be different is that you may have bought a new sofa or TV, and the England football team will still be s***.

This introduction ran a bit long and its not finished so I will put a part two up when I get time. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below or email me.


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