Bangkok at First Glance

Hey everyone,

Its Sunday, around 30 degrees out, I’m currently wearing nothing but my boxer shorts and have the fan blasted in my face. I’d post a picture, but I dont want my inbox getting flooded by hot sexy girls (obviously).

So I’ve have just been settling in a bit more and finding my feet, which when translated actually means” I’ve done jack shit”. I noticed that I keep losing track of days, but in my current situation, dates are irreverent. I should at some point start looking for a job, but I’m scared of losing my life again, as I only just got it back.

Days like today for example, I’ve yet too even put on pants and have all the Bruce Springsteen records playing on shuffle mode. I don’t know what constitutes to “making it” in this world, but I’m sure walking around in a room almost butt naked, listening to Bruce and others all day on full blast, while not having a single disregard for anything in life is pretty damn close???

Anyway one of the first things I learned in Thailand was that when it rains you dont want to be anywhere but inside, there could be enough rainfall in a 5 minute period to drown a giraffe. I learned this the hard way walking back from dinner one midsummer afternoon and got completely tango’d. The women in the lobby said “Ju kheend humrella, but no need take shower now” then started to laugh. I almost leaped over the desk to land a flying knee in her face if I didn’t have a extra serving of Pad-thai earlier which seemed to have bloated me somewhat.

When it rains, it pours

The roads and pavements here are about as straight as Elton John, bring some solid footwear as the streets of Siam seems to be chewing all my shoes up. The place always seems to have a loud humming noise, of badly tuned taxis and motorbikes, its pretty hard to find a quiet place and hear silence when outdoors. A smell lingers most days too of what I dont know, but each day it seems to differ somewhat slightly.

The roads dont look the best and have a slippery feel too them, you combine this with the intense traffic, cars that are unfit for the road and crazy Thai drivers, I wish you all the luck in getting do your next destination without soiling yourself. 

I could carry on describing the place, but whats the point? Anything I say would just be a understatement, there is only one way to experience a place like this, and its to be here. The things I described above are not bad points about Bangkok if people are wondering, its just a few things that make Bangkok, Bangkok.

Mixture of Old homes and new Aparment Blocks

Its not hard to get lost here, I’ve done it several times, all it takes is one wrong turn and forgot about it. You can try talking too passers by, but they will just nod and smile, giving you no real answer to anything you ask them. Taxi drivers wont give you the time or day, and id guess I have a better orientation of Bangkok than most of them, but its all part of the fun.

I found a restaurant that will deliver too my door now (meaning the pants can stay off for longer), but they always end up sending me the wrong stuff every f***** time, guess it dont help when were speaking two different languages, but I’ve yet to have a bad meal so I dont mind. Given all this I might have to start taking a course in Thai.

Fried Chicken and rice ( I think)

Anyway I plan to finally hit a Thai boxing gym this week and pound some newbs, carrying on perfecting my already perfect form, so ill keep you all posted on how that turns out. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment by below.

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