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Hello everyone,

I got a few emails asking if I was dead yet and whats happened, sorry to say it, but I’m still alive, just caught a bit of jet-lag that’s all. Meanwhile I’ve been catching up on current affairs in Asia, as I stopped reading papers along time ago, I did the next best thing and rented Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Ong-bak and Enter the Dragon on DVD. Came to the conclusion that everyone here knows how to fight.

With my research on Asia out the way, I managed to find an apartment for £120 a month included 6mb Internet.  Its hard to find 1 month contracts (prices usually way over inflated making you pick longer deals), but I found this “gem” below. I may stay here longer, may move to something bigger, either way can’t moan for value. I think if someone went for a 12 month contract they would be able to get it for as low as £90 a month, 15 minutes outside central Bangkok. My reason for wanting a one month rental was in case I didn’t like Bangkok, I could move elsewhere and not be forced rent on more expensive places for 6-12months. Using this as a make-shift place until I find something better if I like it here in a few weeks time.

Streets of Siam
This is the view out of my balcony, I know what your thinking its the not most ascetically pleasing view and I agree. But never the less I still like it. Midday I can open the door and hear Samchai and his wife Nok shouting about the usual domestics. Peep though a window on the 2nd floor to see some old women watching her Thai soaps with the TV on max volume. Kids running up and down the street throwing water on each other with big smiles, competently clueless of what life has in store for them. I vaguely remember such a time.
You dont really see that part of the country when your staying in hotels, or very expensive apartments which are full of foreigners. When I look outside it feels like I’m actually in Thailand, instead of looking at some man made high-risers and office blocks. The thing I dislike about that type of view is that you can find it in almost any country now. I’m pretty sure I’m the only johnny foreigner in my building complex too, im guessing by shocked stares I get, followed by a polite smile.
My Condo
Yes there Micky Mouse pillow covers, I just went to the first store I could and bought a bed set. The other side of the room contains fitted wardrooms, a large mirror, dressing table and a small table with two seats. Also attached is bathroom with shower and aircon.
My average spend has been around £8-12 pound a day, which included a hostel, 3 meals a day and transportation, and I’m having a blast. Now I’ve got my apartment it would be around £6-10. I haven’t drank any beer or gone out to experience the night life ……yet! Average meals cost between 70p-£1.10 if you go too a place pictured below.
Street stall selling food
You better bet your ass you will find a mouse or rat running across the side of the room, perhaps cockroaches in the back, or if your lucky you will only find a fly or ant in your meal (I’m way over exaggerating, 80% of the time this wont happen). The overall experience is a place like this is golden, they cook the food in front of you, so you know its not frozen or out the microwave, you can eat while you watch the whole world go by outside on the streets. Due to the language barrier they smile alot which makes anyone feel good. I’m pretty sure I could just insult them and they would carry on nodding and smiling. I was thinking about trying it if I didn’t do all that secondary research watching the DVDs.

You can eat in restaurants too like back home, I find the food is usually the same in taste maybe slightly worse/better at times, you pay 300% more and get a generic canned experience.  (Food courts in all major malls are very cheap if you really dont want to eat in a place like that, prices around 80p-£1.30 and you get air-con).

I’ve been networking a bit, mostly with expats, talked to at least 15-20 so far (a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person’s upbringing.) All of them do either of the following:

  • Teach English (only a degree is required and for you to be born in a native English speaking county) 
  • Online enterprises
  • People who work 6-12 months of the year in there home country, then come over here till the money runs and repeat.

Everyone agreed that its a better standard of living here and all plan to stay here forever at some point. One guy told me of his routine of playing football 4 times a week, badminton and gym on the other days, going out twice a week and doing some online work now and again. I tired to explain to him that hes doing it wrong, and he should be doing work related activities for at least 10hours of the day, to accumulate more wealth. Then we both laughed while sipping on our ice-teas, lying in a roof top swimming pool, looking at the blue sky thinking weather it will be 30 or 31 degrees tomorrow.

Roof top pool over-viewing Bangkok

Anyway that’s all for now, in my next blog post ill give my first thoughts on Bangkok and other stuff. Ill leave you with this photo…….

Down town Bangkok just before Rush-hour

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