One Month in


I realized yesterday its been 1 month since I’ve been here, time sure has gone face, but it usually does when you having fun. I finally decided to make an halfhearted attempt to get a job, not that money is a problem at the moment, but just because that’s all my family ever ask when I’m on skype. You got a job yet, you got a job yet, You got a job yet, you got a job yet, You got a job yet, you got a job yet. I have a few interviews lined up this week, so ill see how they pan out.

Last week started off  by me locking my self out my room at 11pm, with no phone and only 50bhat (£1) in my pocket. I thought no problem ill just go down stairs and ask Nok at reception to open it as they will have a spare key. Reception was closed. Okay no problem, ill just ask Samchai the security guard, surely he will have a key to open it. After trying to talk to him for 20mintues telling him what happened and him not understanding, I gave up and just slept in the car park. By slept I i mean just lying down on the floor in sweltering heat with no air-con , not a single second of sleep was had that night.

Home Sweet Home

Sometimes when I was close too falling asleep, taxis kept on coming to drop off people who live here, many of them coming back with bar girls and what look liked a lady boys, but hey I’m not in the judging business. At first they were all looking at me lying next to a Toyota, using a bottle of water as a pillow, most likely thinking “WTF”. When they saw me look back and recognized I lived here, they hastily walked inside with there “company”. I was quite surprised how many times this happened on a Sunday night, makes you wonder what else goes on here!

Around 200 mosquito bites and 8 hours later, stinking of cat piss I get my room opened and finally get some sleep!

Time to get a haircut, so I walk past several hairdressers, trying to find anyone who looks slightly competent in cutting hair, sadly none were found. Someone on the Internet told me of once place which is good, taking advice off the Internet, what could go wrong?

So I enter this place, which is hairdresser shop, massage shop, mobile repair and key making center all rolled up in one. I was ready too…

When I was approached by a women asking what I wanted, I panicked and said “haircut”. They gave me a head massage and shampooed my hair before cutting. I was slightly disappointed , as I dont use shampoo and I built up enough grease in my hair were I didn’t have to use any gel. But the massage and shampoo was so relaxing, I was thinking hmm maybe they can cut hair.

They lead me too the chair and throw this in my hand and said “you chooze one”

Getting a Haircut in Bangkok

So I sift through several pages, and ending up seeing a Justin Bieber picture, I was about to go for that until it was dated pre 2010. So I just said “same same, shorter”. They look at me in confused state and shocked that I had not picked a picture from the book, I was thinking  at this point do I just go home and put a bowl on my head and cut it myself. But in the end they understood what I said and it come out pretty nice, the lady then re-shampooed my hair and washed it. Cost me a total of 250bhat (£5), which is I thought was fair, although you can get it as low as 50bhat (£1) some places.

I have to prepare for some interviews now, so until next time, have a nice day!

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