One Night in Bangkok


Hmmm this is going to be a tricky topic, I will have to write this with as much misdirection as possible, so you don’t all think I’m a sexpat or ladyboy monger. When for the past 5 weeks its all I’ve be doing. My wallet is filled with loyalty cards from various clubs, I know all the bouncers on a first name basis and have cemented myself as regular on the “circuit”.

Bangkok has it all top the hip and trendy to the down right sleaze, the longer the night goes on, the more sleaze it will get. Which is why I don’t step out until 4am, with my rophenol tablets and chloroform in hand. A good rule of thumb is to say the fewer foreigners in the club, the less likelihood of ladyboys and prostitutes you will find, as the market for these in clubs are 100% for foreigners. No dress code for most places, you will get in long as you have ID and are not wearing flip flops, some will even let you bring your own bottles.

A typical night in a “normal” club will just involve a bunch of Thai people drinking around a table, moving about 1cm left to right “dancing” and just drinking whiskey. The dance floor is the size of a coffee table and usually empty throughout the whole night. After around midnight bouncers will carry girls away outside who have passed out drinking too much (2-3shots of whiskey). Too many hot girls in these places. A Thai after club is the same, but will have people dancing as they have most likely drank too much at this point.

RCA, Bangkok

The clock strikes for 2am, and everyone moves to the after clubs, just walking up to these kind of places and before even buying your overpriced ticket, something tells you life is not all as it seems inside (talking about foreigner style after clubs, not Thai style here). Walking from one end of the club to the other, I will get grabbed or pinched about 10 times, by either working girls or LBs trying to grab my attention. As a rule of thumb, anybody who approaches you is either a ladyboy or a working girl. I will get it more then most because I’m really good looking (obviously). You need a good eye to spot what the hell is going on, a lot of times my friends have come over and say:

“dude, that’s a ladyboy your talking too!!”

To which I reply:

“I know, now f*** off!”

You have guys from the age of 30-60 dancing with 20 year olds, obviously nothing to see here folks, just the transaction of money for the service of goods! At some point in the early morning you will always see a few African girls circling the club with there pimp not that far hidden in the shadows. But my favourite has to be the super drunk 20-25year old tourists who are dancing with ladyboys and not knowing, would love to be a fly on the wall in there hotel rooms the next morning. This happens a lot more then one would think also, talking from ummmmm what I’ve been told, not experience.

I was in a taxi on some dark street once, and there must of been around 50-100 girls and LB just throwing them self in front of taxis to get them to stop, and shouting “1000 bhat”. Some even opening the doors and trying to get a customer. Thankfully I was in the taxi alone…… managed to get 3 of them in the back!

Don’t get me wrong Bangkok has a vast amount of nice good clean nightlife, where none of what I said above will be found. Don’t take this post for face value and think every club is just full of ladyboys and hookers, because there not, it just happens to be the ones I frequent the most!

I could of talked about the places me and my friends go, but there similar to the places you visit back home and wont make for fun reading.

A popular song in Thai clubs at the moment, from S.Korea.

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