Making a pro Gay Thailand Video?

So about a month ago I was trawling on Craigslist job adds, and saw a post saying:“WESTERN MALES NEEDED FOR GAY THAILAND VIDEO”. What was their to lose I thought? People often called me a gay bender in school, I’m in Thailand now, how hard would it be to promote Gay Thailand?

With a title like that and being on Craigslist, it seemed like the genuine article, so I instantly applied sending mug shots and naked pictures as requested. Me and a friend were accepted and given $400 each, paid return flights to Chiang Mai, hotel paid for, 3 meals a day and travel costs while over there. The video was for a gay Thailand friendly travel site, which is trying to promote gay travel in Thailand, the message they wanted to get across is that Thailand welcome everyone. (nothing intimate required)

chiang hotel


The hotel was rated #1 in Chaing Mai on trip adviser, it was one of those places were all the staff have been told to always smile at the guests or they will be fired. They wanted to clean our rooms everyday, I only clean my apartment once a month! It was a nice place but felt a bit fake and lacked some atmosphere.

The Gay Thailand photo shoot lasted three days, I must of done a total of 2 hours “work” during the three days. I did nothing but just sit down or walk with a camera pointed to my face, I felt at times like a prize pony that’s just being flaunted for its looks and nothing else. Felt unconformable at certain points, then I just reminded myself of the $400! I know its a hard life, but I guess somebody has to do it?

Recording of my Gay thailand video

All the scenes were clean although rather “gay”. Did thing such as:

  • Bath an elephant
  • drink tea on a balcony wearing a bath robe
  • paint umbrellas
  • riverboat ride
  • me sit in the back of a rickshaw while my friend pedaled 
  • have a traditional “British” tea dinner 
  • Several sex scenes for gay

On the last day I wake up to find my friend but cant see him, so I walk into the bathroom and notice hes in the shower curled up in a ball with cold water splashing him from the shower head. Just muttering ” I want to go home, I want to go home”. But in all honestly it was the easiest $400 we ever made, me and my friend were going full retard when ordering food as it was free, sometimes id order two main courses and a few beers on top. Both our asses remained untouched throughout the three days you will be glad to know. After making this video I hope I have made Gay Thailand a much better place.

Updated: My Video gay thailand

About 4 months after I did the Gay thailand modelling video, they released and before anyone starts to judge, just remember that we all have our price to do things, and its only counts as a gay thailand video if your penises touch right?….right?

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