India Part 1

Hello!I had to leave Thailand as my 3 month visa was about to expire, if you leave via the airport you are allowed to overstay one day which is what I did, next stop India. Soon as I landed and they opened the doors of the aircraft, the smell of shit, sewage, dust and everything else imaginable hit me at once. The 4 hour flight was done, now it was time for the 7 hour bus to my village.

I get to the Delhi bus station and wait 3 hours for my coach. While I’m sitting there a guy comes up too me with a thin piece of metal attached too a cotton bud saying he will clean my ears. I politely refused but he didn’t seem to understand even though I said it in Punjabi. He keeps offering me his amazing service but at this point im just ignoring him likes hes not in front of me. I spent most of the bus journey sleeping but was rudely awoken around 10pm when I guess what was a drunk driver, driving on the wrong side of the high-way, the bus made a huge serve and threw me onto the chair next too me, no accident…this time.

Mean Street of Delhi
Arrive in Jalandhar city at 11pm, and get greeted by my drunk driver who was meant to pick me up. How do I know he was drunk? Well because he offered me a shot soon as I got in the car before pouring two for himself. I get out the car, look up and can see the moon and what must have been about 100 stars, then I go to bed. This is what I love about India, its not even been 24 hours yet so much has happened, been felt and experienced.
Everything seems to get done with no real sense of urgency here, I asked someone why this is as us westerners consider this sort of behaviour unacceptable, to which they replied “if it doesn’t get done today, we will just do it tomorrow, what’s the rush?” which I thought was a great reply.  The usually schedule in India wake up around 6am, do prayers, eat, maybe do some farming for a hour or two, sleep, eat tea, talk for several hours about light topics, sleep, eat and then sleep again. This is assuming the family comes from a farming/agriculture background.
View from Bedroom
I was living in the villages, I didn’t see a single white face for the whole of my 10 days. I woke up one morning to take a leak when I walk into the toilet and see this….
Just a normal toilet seat in India.
So I call my grandmother and ask her WTF is going on, she looks at the toilet, flushes it and says “what? Its working”, to which I reply, “look at all the ants”, then she tells me “well there not going to bite you ass off” and just walks off like its normal. Kind of made me reflect on how spoilt I actually am, and in fact they are just ants and what are they going to do really?
To be continued…

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