My Christmas in bangkok

Merry Christmas everyone,I must say spending my first Christmas outside a western country it really doesn’t feel like Christmas in Bangkok, being 30 degrees doesn’t help much either (but I’m not complaining). In Bangkok it seems they have done the absolute minimum they can get away with to appease the white people of Thailand. Popping up a few Christmas trees here and there then throwing some flashing lights along the railing of the sidewalk.

In England when you put the TV on for the whole month of December it’s full of adverts brainwashing you too buy presents, or it has some fat E class “celebrity” trying to sell you some frozen vegetables and sausages for your “festive” dinner.  All the western oriented places in Bangkok either have some overpriced Christmas dinner on or some stupid xmas drinks promotion. I thought Christmas was the time of giving, so why is everyone trying to sell me something???

Can you get the feeling by reading this that I don’t really like Christmas yet?

When I log onto facebook, I see all the gifts my friends got, the latest iphone (not sure which number they are on now 5?), and some weird tablet computers, that’s already close to $2,000 on two items. Its two months worth of living for me! But I’m just jealous because all I got for Christmas was my water and electric bill.

Christmas in Bangkok is not really celebrated, everybody works on the 25th of December, older Thai people don’t give two s**** about it and rightly so. Some of the younger generation of Thais may do something, but I think that’s got more to do with them being brainwashed and wanting to look cool in front of other Thais and farangs. They want people too know that they are aware of this holiday we call Christmas, although I suspect if I asked them any question on the holiday they would be at a loss for words.

Celebrating Christmas in Bangkok or other western events it’s kind of a “hipster” thing for young Thais to do, I think it’s the more they know that we know that they know about western culture and immense themselves in it the cooler they feel, a bit like a kid smoking cigarettes behind the bike sheds at school. It could also be that Thai people just like to have fun regardless of what event it is (which is very true), and I’m just being a cynical bastard typing away behind my computer judging them all.

My Christmas day was spent in an all you can eat Chicken/fish/pork/beef buffet for 200 baht baht. The place is called Best Beef and is located on soi 48/3 on Sukhumvit, In On nut, by far the best valued buffet in Bangkok I have come across.

Best Beef Buffet

After that my friends suggesting visiting Soi Cowboy and I “reluctantly” agreed. Wasn’t too much going on Christmas day, just had a bunch of lady boys trying to grab me into there bar (I really must stop working out), sat down at one place, ordered a water which was priced at 135baht!!!!! Beer costs 110bhat. After getting rejected by every lady boy in the joint, we headed to Hustlers pool bar on in-between sois 12-14. Slightly overpriced I think for Thailand stands (240baht an hour for a very nice pool table), but im super cheap, and it’s a great place to play pool and relax.


Cockatoo, Fitting name for this bar I think

Over all it was an interesting experience to see this holiday from a country that doesn’t really celebrate it. Propaganda has one side of the world spending millions of dollars on a holiday while the other half of the world is totally clueless too it.

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