A day in the life of a Bangkok Expat II

Hi Guys, I decided Sunday is my new “relax” day were I do no work and have some fun. Although its not like I do much hard work the other six days of the week.I wake up around noon now and meet my friends at bourbon street cafe for a four course “brunch”, yeah that how cool and sophisticated I am now, I’m doing brunches. I got 4 courses for 329baht.
Main course


We chew the fat about small topics of no real importance, were all isolated from the news and whats happening outside our doorstep, so were not to worried about which bank is going to fail next, As long as the USA dont decide to bomb Thailand for no reason like the countries in the middle east, ill be okay…for now.

I needed some cereal and socks so I head too the Big C supermarket, 150 baht later, I have them.

Typical Bangkok electrical wiring

All this walking (I walked less then 2km all day) and my legs not hurting in anyway, I decided I should get a foot massage as a preemptive measure in case they start to hurt later.

hate my life

I cycle home on my push bike, then 2 minutes later im taking my power nap before football.

Football Pitch

I teach all the American, Australians and people from Europe how football is meant to be played, then after I have my dinner and go to bed.

Chicken fried rice and a egg omelet

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