Aravinda Living home, Ekkamai soi 65

I moved into my new apartment about two weeks ago, Aravinda living home and  its about 5 km more central then my old place, but I’m paying a lot more. I pay 10,000 baht a month this includes WiFi, Cable TV, fridge and microwave, I don’t really need the microwave or TV but it comes in the price. If you rented the items month to month, it would come too around 1,200 baht/month.

The pool at Aravinda Living home is currently in construction, i’m guessing that will be ready in 20 never.I think its a little bit overpriced, but with most real estate in Bangkok, its been inflated due to a huge increase of foreigners moving here, so what can I do. The upside is that its a 5 minute bike ride to my gym, and a 9 minute cycle to were I play tennis and football. I rarely use a taxi or the metro system any more, so what I pay more for location I save in travel costs.

Master bedroom /living room /office /drawing room
View from the balcony
inside of Aravinda Living home

The location of Aravinda Living home is in Ekkamai , above are some pictures. The room is a “deluxe” studio apartment they tell me, its about 27-30sq meters, I spent almost all my time on that chair so it could be 10sq meters for all I care.

Its about a 4 minute walk to reach actual sukhumvit road, then another 3 minutes to the BTS. Bike taxi around 2mintues. The area it self is pretty good, its not far from nice places to eat, very close to a cinema complex and easy to get to the night life. As its a more expensive part of town, you do see alot of farangs which I dont mind, but i’m not sure why they always put there head down when they walk past one another??

If Aravinda Living home doesn’t take your fancy, I have plenty more other cheap apartments around Bangkok listed on my blog.

Update: From what I here the rooms have no increased to 12,000 baht per month, so a monthly room at Aravinda living home may not longer be 10,000 bhat a month.

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