How to Meet people when Traveling Alone

A question I get asked a lot is how do I meet people when traveling alone?.The short answer is I don’t, I tend to think I’m better then most people due to a egoistic complex I have. When out, my days are spent judging and labeling farangs as either a tourist or a jaded English teacher, to who I pity, each and every last one of you. For some reason think I have a better feel for Bangkok than anyone, even more so than the people who have been here longer then me, and anything they tell me is irreverent or I feel already know it. That I think is the biggest reason why Ive never had any friends.Contrary to my first paragraph, since my site is just a gold pot of sage Thailand advice, I will give you some tips.

Tips on traveling alone in Bangkok, Thailand.

Using Websites to meet people when traveling

One great way to meet people when traveling alone is couch surfing  which I don’t use anymore as it’s full of stupid kids (aged 18-40 mostly) who think there cool doing un-cool and “hip” stuff. Each city will have its own forum and people will regularly post events of stuff that is happening, some of the stuff people post on that site is cringe worthy, but you will find some nice people I think.

Checking out big travel forums such as Trip adviser, Lonely planet thorn three and Virtual tourist are ideal, and will have many expats who can offer you advice and tips of meeting new people. Facebook and other social media sites are slowly popping up with “expats groups” for the bigger cities, so that is always worth a look.

Staying in tourist spots and hostels

When arriving to a new country alone, it is smart to stay near the tourist spots, Bangkok dubs parts like Koh San road as “back packing areas”. I would eat the vomit of a pregnant whale while having a small group of Piranhas bite my face off before I ever went to Koh san road, buts it’s a OK spot to meet people you can have some sort of conversation with.

Meet people when Traveling Alone
koh San road

Staying in hostels another method, as many other solos will be staying there, usually around 8 people in a dorm, its easy to strike a conversation with anybody. I never felt alone during my travels when in hostels, but at the same time neither had I wanted to beat up some many people during my travels either. People think there so cool, showing me there visa stamps of certain countries, “Wow you really went to Cambodia bro? You must be the first person in the whole world to do that!! Ass****”. I say to myself in my head, while being fake and agreeing how awesome they are.

Other approaches 

If you’re staying in apartments, chances are other foreigners will be living there to, so just go ahead and say hello, instead of putting your head down every time you both cross each other in the halls. At the local gym or sports center either call up to see if there are foreigners who play a weekly football/basketball game, then just turn up and ask if you can join them. Alternatively, put up a notice on a gym wall saying you are looking for a partner for whatever sport you play.

Going to bars or fancier places in poorer countries, you will most defiantly find people who you can speak too. A wildcard option could be to join a dating site, and write something in your description that you are looking to make new friends.

Why don’t you talk to locals?

You always get one idiot who posts in all the message boards saying something along the lines of “why don’t you interact with locals, instead of traveling 5000miles to talk to people who you can back home, its what I do”. First of all shut up ill smash ya if you ever said that too me.

See I interact with locals!

Secondly in a place like Thailand, people speak English well enough for me to get by day to day, and I do have some low to medium level conversations with locals. But due the language and culture barrier sometimes it makes it difficult for each of us to get ours views across on more complicated and high level subjects. The banter I get from the people from the UK is unbeatable and its interesting how we can both compare ours lives in Thailand too the UK.

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