Thai Visa Runs

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If you play on staying in Thailand for any serious amount of time, there is no doubt you will have to do a Thai visa run. The company I will be reviewing today is Bangkok Buddy, formally known as Jacks Golf .

They leave at 5am for Korea town in Soi 12. This for me was perfect, as the very exclusive club Insanity is right next door which stays open till 6am. So I spent a few hours before hand dancing with a few Nok and Nois in there while strategically jumping from table to table, to avoid the over aggressive waiting staff who are trying to food shots down my throat for 150baht a pop

I stumble outside, around 4:30 and sign up for the Bangkok buddy Thai visa run. I see a women sitting on a folded up table and shes ask me for my passport.

meet up point for the visa run

I was unsure at first if I should use them, but then she had “Bangkok Buddy” embroidered on her t-shirt, so to me everything seemed totally legit and I handed it over. The seats of the mini man were leather, windows had curtains and I was given a bottle of water.

The trip there took a little over 3 hours to Cambodia so far no running involved. I managed to get though The Definitive Simon & Garfunkel album on my iPod twice in that time. We get too the border which was just a cluster fuck of people selling various items, cigarettes and alcohol, real or not, I don’t know. The leader Nok told us to follow her, and I did. Within 5 minutes I was in Cambodia and half way through my Thai visa run, she handed me a 200 baht coupon to a “buffet” at the “Poipet Resort & Casino”.
To say the food at the buffet tasted like dog shit, would be an insult to dog shit it was that horrible. The buffet voucher is as about much use as a chocolate kettle in my opinion. Best value of the buffet voucher is to set it on fire on a cold night. Time to play some casino games.

The first game I tried was Roulette, so I give the croupier like $10, and I get back a mountain of chips, I’m feeling totally baller right about now. I look left and right to see if any hot girls are checking me out with my HUGE stack, sadly not :(. I place chips using my “secret super system” across the table, and it lands on number 6. The girl just stares at me dumbfounded, I had 4 chips on even, so I won.

She stares at me a bit longer, I got creeped out as was ready to nut her, then calls her pit boss and he confirms to her that 6 is even and I won, so she hands me the chips. Same happens again it lands on 8, I win, she is unsure and calls the pit poss again. This pretty much happened on every spin that I won, the ones I lost, she laughed at me.

Halfway though this Thai visa run and I’m ready to get out of this place. A hour later we cross the border again, and I’m back in the Mini van. I give Somchai the driver a Larry David stare down to see if he had taken a shot of crack/yabba while we was away, he looked fine and away we go.

4 hours later i was bank in bangers and my Thai visa run was over, it took a total of 9 hours, cost me 2,100 baht, Nok did all the work, The service was great, I had no issues and everything was very professionally. I would certainly be using these guys again for any future Thai visa runs I would be making.

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