Tororo Sushi, Bangkok

Before when I ever ate sushi, I used to visit the buffets as in my mind they offer better value for money. That was until I came to Tororo sushi, I still regret coming here because now when I get my sushi cravings I know its going too hurt my spreadsheet come the end of the month.  Tororo Sushi is located on soi Ekkamai 63, and it about 100meters up the road on your right.

Here is the menu, I forgot to take a picture of the 3rd page, but you get an idea of what they offer at Tororo Sushi


Some really decent Mango Sushi rolls = 300 baht

Mango roll

Avocado roll = 350 baht

Avocado  roll

Rainbow roll, not sure what was in here but it was nice = 350 baht

UUUUNAGI = 60 baht per piece

A selection of salmon and tuna = 490 baht

The Quality of Sushi at Tororo Sushi is quite high and there cuts are good the few times I have been, they also give you a free starter which is either a miso soup or a very nice but fatty salmon broth, which I love. Sushi rolls are around 300-400baht and water 20 baht.

I would recommend this place, the only downside is the place lacks some atmosphere it feel more like a coffee shop than a sushi bar, but still very good quality sushi. You can compare my post on Tororo Sushi with my other review of the Kuroda Sushi buffet.

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