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I am not currently in Thailand at the moment, although I will be shortly, but I’m still trying to update my blog weekly each Sunday, I cant really talk about anything interesting so I thought I would share my knowledge on bikes in Thailand, bicycles, where to buy bicycles in Bangkok and some helpful tips about riding bicycles in Bangkok.

Sombat Kanamuji

The first place I went to look for a bicycle in Bangkok was at Sombat Kanamuji, it is close to the Siam BTS stop, and has several hundred bikes on offer, prices start from 1,500bhat all the way past 30,000 baht, I suggest going with a Thai as most of them understand no English. Dont think you are going to get a brand new bike here for anything less than 4,000 baht though, and even then you might not

 Sombat Kanamuji

A guy told me 2,000 baht for any of these bikes….

 photo IMAG3212_zpse350456a.jpg

Tesco and Big C

The internet research told me that both Tesco Lotus and Big C were terrible places to find bicycles in Bangkok. I disagree, if you just want a bicycle that goes up and down the sois of Bangkok, its a great place to get a bicycle, and its in fact were I bought my beauty of a bicycle. I spared no expense and bought the 2nd most expensive big at the Big C, which 3,200 baht. I believe I recouped all the costs on the first day of riding it, I was getting so much attention for the Thai girls it was unreal, I was just glad it had a back seat for me to grab a few hotties on with me.

bicycle in Big C
















I am around 85kg and I rode this bicycle around Bangkok for 4 months and had no problems, if your over 50kg, I would not put anybody on the back of these bicycles, because you are only asking for trouble. Prices at Tesco Lotus and Big C start from around 1,700 baht and go up to around 7,000 baht. At the time I visited this Raleigh bike looked the best

 photo IMAG3216_zpsa0c36453.jpg

Other Bicycle shops in Bangkok

There are many other bicycle shops around Bangkok, many I feel are overpriced, but I dont know why its so hard to find a good $300 bicycle in Bangkok like I can back in the UK. Below are a list of Bicycle shops you can check out
A list of other Bicycle shops in Bangkok can be found here.

If you wander further out of the central Bangkok if your lucky you might stumble across a bicycle shop that offers bikes are great prices,  a friend sent me a picture of this bicycle for sale a hour or so outside of Bangkok, to bad I already bought my awesome girly bike by then though :(.


If you have any other places where you can get bicycles in Bangkok, leave a comment below so I can update this page.

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