Cost of Drinking in Bangkok Clubs

Drinking in Bangkok clubs can range from $0 to several hundreds of dollars maybe even thousands, based upon your tastes. I will detail a typical night out for me and then you can add or subtract what I spend to give you a rough estimate what you of what it may cost you in Bangkok clubs. I am only going to factors in cost of drinking in Bangkok clubs and bars, including the entry to clubs, not hotel or food. The more people in your group, the cheaper your night will be.

So my typical night starts off by listening to some Drizzy Drake* and drinking a few cold ones, Stone Cold Steve Austin style. Two cans of beer from the 7/11 is a total of 75bhat. Our next stop is usually a bar or a lounge where we will get a bottle of Vokda/Whiskey and drink and chat. A bottle averages from 1,000- 2,400 baht depending on the venue and mixers are around 60baht each. So a bottle with 6 mixers is 1,860baht.  So my total share of that will be 465baht.

Bangkok clubs, Cost of Drinking in Bangkok Clubs

Now I have gotten my gabba on, me and One Direction are ready to hit a Bangkok club, entry usually costs about 300 baht or if you are in a group of 5 or less, a entry fee is waived if you buy a bottle. Bottles prices again vary, we will usually end up getting two bottles at this point so my total share is 930 baht.

Now rolls on 2-3am, where the group will go and hit an after hours club, depending on how drunk the group is, another and final bottle may be purchased, this is usually because the entry fee to an after hour clubs tend to be 300-400baht, so its better value to buy a bottle than a ticket which will only give you 1 or 2 free beers So that’s another 465baht.

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So after a night out in several bangkok clubs and bar my grand total is about 1,935 baht. This is without buying drinks for girls or anything else. I can drink a lot, which is a bad thing as in turn I spend more money. In actual fact my spending on a night out comes closer to 1,000-1,500 baht, this is because my group is usually 7-8 people, so costs are greatly reduced. Even more so if we manage to get in for free to an after hours, as some Bangkok clubs offer no cover charge depending on the days.

If you are going to visit Go Go bars expect the cost to rise, although I have said suggest roughly 2,000 baht you will need for a night out, you can do it for a lot less if you be savvy. The fancy the roof top bars or lounges, the more the bottles will cost. Vodka bottles are cheaper than Whiskey bottles. Smirnoff Vodka and Red Label are the cheapest bottles you find in most places, unless you visit a Thai bar.

*I dont actually listen to Drizzy Drake.


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