Dirty Backpackers

I have traveled to villages in India and Cambodia where people have no money and they still live in cleaner places than the last house share I stayed in with these dirty backpackers. We are currently in some rural town in Australia, so hotels, motels and apartments are few and far between. I had two options, one was to stay at the very classy Caravan Park, which from what everyone is telling me is a total shit hole, with mice and backpackers, not sure which one is worse. You have to pay for showers 80cents for 4 minutes, ufuckingwotmm8? The other was to go with a house share, which is what I went with that I found on Gumtree.


So this is what I decided to go with, it costs $90 a week and it was a total shit hole, I walk into the kitchen and I see dead ants on plates, jars with mold on them, even heard a rat, which I later spotted living under my bed. All these dirty backpackers, or rather “trashpackers” have money to come to Australia, then when here live like complete animals.  If you’re going to smoke inside the house, you would use an ashtray right? WRONG, people were dropping buts onto the floor and even using good pots for ash trays, no thanks Jeff.

living room

Within seconds of entering this block of wooden shit (I’m referring to the house) I was disgusted, I wanted to punch everybody in the face. The worst thing about it was that everyone was just sitting there relaxed, like its normal. So we get to our room…..

wolf creek

This picture was taken after we tidied everything to make it almost liveable, and close our door for the rest of the day.The sheets stank of shite too, but we had to use them to stop the mosquitoes from biting us.

You would think living in a house share, people would have some respect and keep the music to a respectable level? WRONG, these two fat Irish girls who were more tanned than a umpa lumpa coming out of a Willy Wonka factory were outside my room were talking way too loud and playing music, I wanted to grab a baseball bat and hit them in the gut, f**** *****. They both tried to talk to me later and told me how awesome this flat is and that im going to meet tons of “amazing people”, whatever the fuck that means.

I mean what causes these dirty backpackers to live like this? I don’t get it, I’m sure they don’t live at home like this? Is this what they have to do to be cool? Are they all poor now as Australia so live like this?  Are they lazy? Or are they just dirty and stupid and I am giving them the benefit of the doubt by thinking they are actually people with basic rationale thought and manners?   

Almost all of the backpackers were Caucasian too, as I know that Asian people with a few expectations are never this dirty, is what is up with that?

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