Insomnia Bangkok Review

By insomnia Bangkok, I don’t mean about the sleeping disorder, but rather the night club Insomnia. The club is located on Soi 12, almost every taxi driver will know this place, as they get a commission for taking you there. Insomnia Bangkok is about as classy as a $30 whore, which is ironic as this place is packed full of them.

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Insomnia Bangkok, Insomnia Bangkok Review

Insomnia is not the type of place you would go and find yourself a Thai girlfriend, but rather a “companion” for the night. Insomnia Bangkok choice of music is techno, with the last hour usually being a mix of hip hop. The club does allow ladyboys inside so you need to have a watchful eye, however they are not allowed on the raised dance floor in the middle of the club.

Insomnia Bangkok opening times and drink prices

The club opens from around 8pm and closes at 5am. There is little point going any time before 2am, Insomnia Bangkok is known as an “after hours” club. If you do go before then, it will have less people inside than a Nickelback concert. The exceptions being Friday and Saturday when it gets busy around midnight.

Insomnia Bangkok, Insomnia Bangkok Review

Drinks as usual are way over priced and with the entry fee being 300 baht with one free drink. You will be harassed by the staff and working girls to buy drinks, be polite and just say no, they will leave you alone. The club has a high percentage of working Thai girls, so if you get lucky, don’t necessarily think it’s because you’re good looking, but rather you have a big thing near your groin that they are after (your wallet). A bottle inside Insomnia costs usually from 2200 baht upwards, but includes mixers If you between 10-11pm, you can get a bottle of vodka for 1000baht. The club will be empty at that time, but you can always buy it, put it behind the bar and come and collect it later in the night.

Don’t be ignorant either and think just because they have not asked you to for money it means they are a good girl who just ended up in a place like this by chance. You should always ask them before leaving to make sure, or you might be in for a shock the following morning.

The club is usually mixed pretty well with the guy to girl ratio, guys usually being tourists douche bags and the girls working after a night dancing in the go go bars. Insomnia Bangkok has a whole sleazy feel to it so I suggest drinking a lot before going inside to avoid that sensation. I would recommend people visiting this club because it is quite unique compared to most western clubs, and well because the toilets are super clean, which for me is a bonus!

Pro tip: Never tell a taxi driver you are going to Insomnia Bangkok night club, but you are going home and your hotel is on Soi 12. Ask to use the meter as they will usually take you to this club for free as they get huge commission on your entry fee. When they drop you off outside Insomnia Bangkok, walk in though the back entrance of the diner called V8, on the left hand side there is a entrance to get into the club for free.

Insomnia Bangkok, Insomnia Bangkok Reviewpro pro tip: free entry is no longer available 🙁

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