4 cheap Thai dating ideas with girls

Looking for a good place to take a Thai Girl on a date in Bangkok that’s cheap and won’t break the bank? Well you’ve came to the right place buddy, I will provide you with 4 cheap Thai dating ideas.

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There is no point in taking a Thai girl or a Thai person in general somewhere fancy for dinner, they simply won’t appreciate it. Put a pizza in front of them, they will shower it in tomato sauce and Chinese five spices. Take them to a steakhouse for a nice sirloin, after making several complaints about how it’s red in the middle, she will pull out a bottle of fish sauce from her handbag and drown the kunt with it.

Take them anywhere that doesn’t have Thai food is a waste of time and your money. Almost all would prefer Thai food over western food, and with good reason, it tastes great. They only want to go these places because of the atmosphere and its “fancy”, not because they like the food. Don’t spend 1,000 baht or more on dating a Thai girl when you can do it for under 200 baht all in, with the same results.

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Anyway, here are my 4 suggestions for cheap Thai dating venues in Bangkok, without coming across as cheap and broke, as many are.

Take a Thai girl for Street food

The key here is how you sell it, don’t just say “let’s grab some MSG rice and chicken from Somcahi down the road”. You tell them how you love Thai culture so much, the food is great and you adore the idea of being able to eat on the street and watch the world go by. Say that you’d rather give your “hard earned” money to the local Thais than these big corporate fat cats who don’t care about the man. This won’t cost you more than 200 baht if you do it right.

Pro tip – Bring your own water and save 10 baht on ordering drinks.

Total cost: 150~ baht

Window shopping at the mall

Bangkok has a ton of malls, and their all air-conditioned, you can kill a few hours walking into different stores and check out other hot Thai women as you’re on your date. Every mall has a food court option too, so if she gets hungry, don’t opt for the a la carte option at the Japanese or Korean place, take her to the food court for some som tam and sticky rice.

dating thai girls at the food court

Total cost: 0-200 baht

Muay Thai show in MBK

Every Wednesday at MBK you can watch a free Muay Thai show, from 6pm until 9pm or something like that. Its outdoor so you can just go and watch for free, a lot better value than going one of the stadiums who over charge westerners at 1,000 baht a pop. If she’s a real keeper, head to the MacDonalds inside the mall and treat her to a 9 baht ice-cream.

Total cost : 9 baht (if she’s worth it)

Cheap date at the movies

This is probably the best cheap date with Thai girls in Bangkok option. You win because its only 100 baht a ticket on selected nights, and you win again because you don’t have to listen to their shit for the next two hours. It’s not like they will have anything interesting to say anyway, it’s like pulling teeth with some of them when you’re trying to get a conversation going. Check out Siam Scala cinema who offer 100 baht tickets everyday, or visit your local cinema on Wednesday for discounted tickets.

Pro tip – Bring your own food from the 7-11 to save on food cost inside.

Total cost: 200-350 baht (including food)

There’s many places to pick from when you need a cheap Thai dating idea, I’ve just gone and listed three of my recommendations that you can try. With more and more people moving to Thailand because their home country sucks, you don’t want to deplete all your funds straight on Nok and Noi. *** Please note that some of this blog post was written for comic effect, don’t get your knickers in a bunch, the date ideas are still valid and great however ***

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