Am I a sex tourist?

I got put forward this question the other day of “am I a sex tourist”? To which I replied, “aren’t all guys sex tourists?” Let me explain. Why do guys go to places like Cancun in Mexico or Ibiza and Magaluf in Europe? It’s certainly not for the shit food, overpriced hotels, and lack of culture, not it’s because they think they might be able to get laid. Does that make them sex tourists as they are going on holiday with the main purpose of getting laid?

What makes a sex tourist?

Is a sex tourist someone who goes to to a country hoping to get sex whether it’s free or by paying, as I’m sure when most guys pick a holiday destination it must have a high likelihood that they might get sex. I’m sure the same goes girls for too. Take Bali for example, it’s a well known place for Asian and western girls to come and find gigolos.

Generally speaking, a sex tourist is someone who goes on holiday with the intention of paying for sexual services. But what about guys who travel to places like Asia or South America and use dating sites before hand to meet girls, are they sex tourists too? The main reason they are messaging these girls is so they can end up sleeping with them. They spend money indirectly for dates, money that would not be spent if they knew before hand that the girl would never sleep with them.

sex tourist

The stigma

There’s also a stigma to being a “sex pat” or “sex tourist” like it’s a bad thing. What is so bad about sex or going to a country like Thailand if you like Asian girls? Without sex, humans wouldn’t exist. Just because most of the western world work 9-5 jobs, most likely fat, slowly becoming depressed at their own lives, and find it hard to get in a relationship, they use the label as ‘sex tourist’ for people who to go Thailand once or twice a year for some good old fashioned mischief.

I don’t see what the problem is, sounds like a good way to live if you ask me.

Am I a sex tourist?

So back to the question of am I a sex tourist? Well for one I wouldn’t be here in Thailand if it wasn’t for the hot Thai girls, but I also wouldn’t be here if the food was horrible or if the cost of living was high. I very rarely pay for sexual services, because I’m too cheap. I know that instead of paying a girl 1,000 baht in the club for a girl, I can use something like Thai Friendly and with almost minimum effort, I can get a girl without paying her any money. If money was no issue to me, then I think I would pay a lot, every week in fact. I often visit prostitute heavy night clubs partly because I enjoy them, and partly because at 5am in Bangkok nothing else is open. It’s interesting to see what goes on inside, the people in there, and the casual nature of everything.

It’s all stupid

To me the label of sex tourist is stupid, so what if guys from England or another place constantly go to Thailand to have a awesome holiday and get laid? Why label them as a sex tourist? They only come to Thailand because the sex culture in England is so suppressed. Guys and girls won’t have sex with each if they meet in a club unless they are both totally black out drunk, as to comply with the social taboos in the U.K.

That’s why these crappy clubbing destinations like Malia and Magaluf are so popular, Brits get 7-14 days where they can do what they want. The problem is they are not ready for it, see this video where a girl ended up sucking 24 penises on a holiday in Spain. It’s reminds me about the old guy in the film Shawshank Redemption, when he became free he didn’t know what to do and ended up hanging himself. The same with English people, being repressed about sex for so long, when they are away from the social taboos they end up going full retard like that girl in the video.

What are you thoughts about what makes a sex tourist? For me, whether you’re a young guy who likes to travel and meet girls along the way using dating sites, to older men who pay girls for sex in Thailand because they don’t want to listen to a girls winy bullshit during dates, coz aint nobody got time for dat! I think both options are totally awesome, and I love you guys!

This article is not me supporting sex trafficking or anything like that before someone with too much time on their hands writes a comment below about it. This comments are based about what I know about paying for sexual services in Thailand, majority of girls do it out of choice, are not drugged or tricked. If you want to know more, see my sex in Thailand article.

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